Hexed is the second novel in Kevin Hearne’s urban fantasy series, The Iron Druid Chronicles and is the sequel to Hounded. It was released on June 7, Hexed is the second novel in The Iron Druid Chronicles, an urban fantasy series written by Kevin Hearne. In the aftermath of his defeat of Aenghus Óg (the Celtic. Kevin Hearne, a rising name in the urban fantasy genre, is the author of the Iron Druid Chronicles, a series of novels featuring Atticus.

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I laughed so hard I had tears.

I’ve got to hexrd Hearne one thing; the man is funny. It turns out that killing all those witches at the end of the last book created a bit of a power vacuum.

Normally, I’d consider this a good thing.

With two Celtic goddesses vying for his affections and allegiance, as well as two covens of witches hell bent on destroying each other O’ Sullivan will need more than a magic sword and a quick wit to fend off evil. This book balanced the action very nicely against some of the lighter moments in the book. I was already planning ahead for it in the first novel, expecting some great stuff later, and of course it’s always a pleasure to be satisfied.

It isn’t as though I don’t enjoy the action, the plot, or the characters Once again, Atticus gets bits burned and lopped off, but manages to survive. Despite the fact that I have given book two the same rating as book one, there were a few disappointments in the second installment.


druod I am clearly in the minority. They aren’t bad books, but they aren’t great and there is plenty of other stuff to read. Atticus is sure to take special note of their appearance.

Hexed (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #2) by Kevin Hearne

Open Preview See a Problem? She deserves to know how unhinged she makes him, and he iton to get past the whole morality aspect of sleeping with your student.

In this series Book Leif, our vampire lawyer is friggin hilarious. Just want this ancient druid wants. The Morrigan and Brighid seem to have a power struggle brewing. However we can effectively separate them into categories.

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Four out of five stars. As in, remember when vampires were scary motherfuckers and not sexy motherfuckers?

Basically every single one of them wants to sleep with the protagonist. But I don’t think so anymore and the issue is ruining my enjoyment of an otherwise good series. I listened to the narration of this book and did not finish the book.

Retrieved from ” https: Comparisons with the Dresden Files are impossible to avoid but who cares when both series are so good. Special mention needed to be made of his voice-acting for the vampire, Leif, and the werewolf, Hal. I thought this book suffered from the same issues I had with book 1: They hesed like they wanted to be Pat Benatar. I am not going to go into a lot of detail about this book, but here are some scenes that irritated me: I plan to continue the series and will undoubtedly put it on auto-buy.

I honestly don’t think this is the way most men think. Witches following Bacchus roll into town from Vegas and start shaking things up.


An immortal goddess, so proficient at politics, bargaining and magic is so pathetic that she would act as she did and be caught as she was? View all 17 comments. Full Review I wasn’t really planning on jumping further into this series after being mostly underwhelmed by Hounded. The Demon Barker of Wheat Street. Hexed – Kevin Hearne 35 Oct 28, He is trying to grasp modern language and slang. I find that with many longer series, the second book tends to be a good deal weaker than the first.

I was really happy to see all of the key heexed back for this installment in the series. We also see different types of demons, supernatural creatures and all sorts of Gods.

The few women that are neither one nor the other are generally minor characters – the widow, his apprentice.

Hexed (novel) – Wikipedia

If you enjoyed the first book, you’ll likely enjoy this one. However Audible, the length of the book and my reading schedule all colluded to get me to do this one.

He again does a few accents and voices, including his excellent take on Oberon. MacDonagh an elderly woman who lives in the neighborhood cracks me up and is one of the few humans who know about the others.