‘hiriko’ is a foldable urban electric vehicle, based on MIT media lab’s ‘citycar’. ‘ hiriko’ is a compact electric urban mobility vehicle, capable of. hiriko folding car to go on sale next year ultra compact Those of you who often have to drive into a busy city will know all too well how much. The car in question was called the Hiriko and was produced by a small Spanish company based in the Basque Country. A few hours later, the.

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The company is currently in receivership, with its assets frozen. Vitoria 9 ABR – But one of the project’s chief engineers, Carlos Fernandez Isoird, told NPR that all of the money did indeed go to the project, and was not embezzled for personal use.

It would drive itself — or you — around the city. And they need to have some qualities of magic. Larson is currently developing a new self-driving electric vehicle that would be dar constantly in motion, for people who don’t own a car. Furthermore, the battery pack is placed on the vehicle’s floor producing a low center of gravity. Honoring former President George H. Hiriko means “urban car.

If you need an SUV to haul cargo or kids, this is not the car for you. Barroso climbed into the car and got a demonstration from Jesus Echave, the Spanish chairman of the Hiriko consortium.

NPR reached out to all seven officials under indictment, either hirjko or through their companies or lawyers. Lauren Frayer for NPR hide caption.

hiriko collapsible electric city car

Ex-employees of Hiriko have since come forward to say that pieces of the prototype debuted in Brussels were held together with Velcro and superglue. Several sources said they had last seen it at a warehouse in an industrial park on the outskirts of the Basque city of Vitoria-Gasteiz. The modern automobile sets us free and ties us down all at once.

  ASTM C1012 PDF

The Hiriko car is a two-seat all-electric microcar designed to be used for short-distance urban trips intended for car sharing. The electric car was to be the commercial implementation of the CityCar project developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab since Creators of the original CityCar didn’t know where to find the Hiriko either and they emphasize that a firewall limits their involvement with the commercial production of their inventions.

He heralded it as a trans-Atlantic “exchange between the world of science and the world of business. The Hiriko project promised to create green jobs at a time when Spain’s manufacturing sector was hemorrhaging. The cars would be shared, not owned — parked at train stations where people could pick them up, as people do with a bike share. Lyon Femmes in French. But the building is empty now.

It had the power to transform economically depressed fishing villages in the Basque Country into hubs of high-tech creativity, its backers said. The conventional steering wheel and the brake and throttle controls were replaced with a device similar to a airplane’s yoke.

Rodolfo Rieznik of Economists Without Borders says the collapse of Hiriko highlights the need for regulatory bodies to exercise greater control over publicly funded projects: Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email.

Lauren Frayer for NPR. Hiriko Fold pre-production model. But the organizers say most people would rent a car when they need it — much less expensive for users in the long run.


MIT’s Hiriko ‘foldable’ car said to be priced at around $16k when it launches later next year

With four wheels that maneuver degrees individually, it could turn on a dime. The variable wheelbase concept of the Hiriko first featured in the Renault Zoom concept car. Each of the four wheels can turn 60 degrees left or right, enabling the car to travel sideways, which makes parallel parking a very easy maneuver to accomplish, and this flexibility allows the car to spin on its central axis.

Most say they had the impression that their bosses had no idea about how to run a company. Only one hirikl vehicle and two semi finished ones were ever produced.

The driver and the biriko enter and exit the czr through the front hatch that houses the windshield. They need to be unique — can’t duplicate what others have done or what you’ve done in the past. See It, Share It.

hiriko collapsible electric city car

In fact, it’s probably for the best, says team leader Kent Larson, because in the time it took to try to manufacture Hiriko, its technology has already become “obsolete.

Knocks at the door turned up no answer.

Turns are made by moving the yoke control left or right. The Hiriko was to be designed specifically for short-distance urban carsharing programs and municipal fleets.

Electric cars Battery electric cars Electric city cars. This feature allows three and a half Hiriko Folds to fit in a typical urban parking space.