Here’s a handy list of Indianisms for you. An Indianism is an English word or phrase used in India that is not common in other English-speaking countries. In reality though, prepone is an Indianism. It was conjoined by English speakers in India and had never existed in the English language before we started saying . Definition of Indianism – devotion to or adoption of the customs and culture of North American Indians., a word or idiom characteristic of Indian English or.

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And here they are.

+ Indianisms – Idioms and Indianisms unique to India

It is an Indianism. More of the Hammer in 16 hours ago. Skip to main content. What is your name? The most common ones, and my favorites among them.

Get In Touch Now. Recruitment cutoffs were applied on the first six parameters, and Read this blog to know the Indianisms we must avoid at work.

India sayings can add a twist to English — here are 10 classic Indianisms

I love to write. Using it today indicates you are a dinosaur, a dinosaur with bad grammar.

IndianismCorrect EnglishAre you having a pen? Prepone is a perfectly legit word, you think. I am sorry for the inconvenience. The next time you are tempted to say that, say this instead: Because it makes sense. Table 1 – Examples of Indianism vs. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. When someone approaches you with a query, and your reply begins with the phrase “do one thing,” you’re doing it wrong. Kimono is coming from idianism Greek word himona, it means winter. Leave a Comment Cancel Comment Please log in to post a comment.


You can also say sit the exams. Scientific and Automated Assessments for Detection and Filtering Indianism refers to a word or phrase which is a characteristic of Indian English.

This also means indiqnism referring to cousins as siblings — as many Indians do — is also entirely incorrect. How to learn English: The word “discuss” means to “talk about.

They must have been pretty hungry. So, what do you wear in the wintertime to stay warm?

Revert means “to return to a former state. Around applicants were assessed on SVAR and scored on the following parameters:.

Indian English Dictionary and Indianisms

Students of chaos theory. Simple rule of thumb: A friendly clerk asking me for my name is apt to start a conversation with, “What is your good name? Because we need it. Go to top of page Instagram Facebook Twitter.

You don’t have rnglish give body cycles their own personalities. This article was previously published in It was reformatted and republished in The tool can be successful deployed to eliminate potential bad hires right at Stage 1 of recruitment to get better throughput and increase overall efficiency of the hiring cycle. Another blast from the past, this one, and also, extremely outdated.


With this list, we have told you what to look out for. While a fan of anthropomorphism, I do have my limits. Is it for additional stress? Indianism is a significant factor when hiring for ITeS companies, especially if englsh are dealing with international calls. Have you heard a bad name before?

What’s wrong with “out of town” or “not in Mumbai ” or my favorite “I’m not here”? The fact that an automated tool can filter candidates based on Indianism, before the interview, has two fold benefits:. Some examples of common Indianism mistakes include: To “pass out” refers to losing consciousness, like after you get too drunk, though I’m not sure how we managed to connect graduating and intoxication.

Indianism | Definition of Indianism in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Have you ever asked yourself what is the purpose of adding ONLY to a sentence? And speaking of “back,” asking someone to use the backside entrance sounds so wrong.

This article is for STEP levels 6 to 8. Because the opposite of postpone just has to be prepone, right? You don’t “discuss about” something; you just discuss things. See what I mean? Try to avoid using the phrase “do the needful.