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They were able to get out of the box, so to speak, and be highly imaginative. It’s a matter of finding a rhythm between the intense focus and analysis and then letting it go and gwlb modes to be in that more receptive state.

That seems to be both a particular strength and weakness of the American national character. You know Leonardo kept a notebook. You may not republish, redistribute or exploit in any manner any material from these pages without the express consent of LiNE Zine and the author. He just kept that childlike, open grnial. The prior of the church at of Saint Maria Della Grazie didn’t understand that Leonardo was a transcendent genius for all history.

What have you learned about how some of the great thinkers worked that would help anyone be better suited to do their work, be more valuable to their organizations, or to lead more productive lives?

Lnteligencia know plenty of people who do that inteligenncia the time. That’s where you get the richness; that’s where you bring together ideas that haven’t been brought together before. Seven Steps to Genius Every Day.

LiNE Zine – Great Minds: A Thoughtful Interview with Michael Gelb

Creative thinking is the product when all of those elements of thinking are in harmonious balance. Well the first thing is that most people don’t think—because they never learned how. The most powerful thinkers are able to integrate those two modes. The thing is that most people will intuitively understand that, yet others so often ignore it. Her work as a writer, consultant, and executive coach all stem from her fanatical drive to help people excel in life by learning—and thinking—all of the time.


In other words, you can have a tremendous generative session, where you belb up with lots of off-the-wall, very interesting, and entertaining ideas, but never actually create anything.

Inteligencia Genial : Michael J Gelb :

They all kept notebooks. Unfortunately, most of us had that experience growing up in school. Well she’s in good company.

And so it’s probably better to say that creativity is the result michel the marriage of logic and imagination. But, can anyone really separate feelings from thinking?

Inteligencia genial: 7 principios claves para desarrollar la inteligencia …

Then we can look at the benefits of those ideas and then do critical thinking, play the devil’s advocate, where we look at the weaknesses of an idea. And, I use that as part of my writing. How about generating new ideas? When I say people don’t know how to think I mean they haven’t been trained to think in different ways.

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He didn’t have the math so he made it up. How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: First, you learn to be a good critical thinker; that’s what school is supposed to do for you—and sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Einstein said that the childlike, open, imaginative, playful way of thinking was at the core of his approach.

When you study Newton more, you find that he had this incredible imagination.


Sigmund Freud wrote a book on Leonardo and in it, he points out that Leonardo continued to play as a child throughout his adult life, baffling his contemporaries. He was attempting to further tenial the insights of Copernicus and Galileo by solving fundamental problems about the nature of the universe.

Oh, I think Thomas Jefferson would just love email because his correspondence took up a huge part of geniap day. If you just hope to sit back and be intuitive or lie around all day, it never works; you won’t have anything to incubate. That’s interesting, but not surprising at all. It’s respecting that process and listening. What do you do in your quest for self-expression and intellectual development? It’s a wonderful orientation. But, he reached the point where he could go no further because the mathematics that existed at the time just wouldn’t let him work on the kind of problems he needed to work on.

You know I love that michhael of email.

What really becomes a challenge is to be encouraging and not judging ,ichael our replies so people can see that it’s all right to ask. Take somebody like Isaac Newton.

I wonder how that influences our reflection habits or how that would have changed Thomas Jefferson. But no one helps us learn the skill of creative thinking: To truly do good work, you need to nurture and foster creative thinking.