4 Vasile Gordon, Introducere în Omiletică (Bucureşti: Editura Universităţii din .. Analize omiletice, catehetice şi pastorale (Bucureşti: Editura. Cultural catechetical centre “Bishop Dr. Vasile Stan” Târgu Lăpuș. .. 7 Vasile Gordon, Introducere în catehetica ortodoxă, Ed. Sophia, Bucureşti, , p. [10]Gordon, Vasile, Introducere în Catehetica Ortodoxă, Bucharest: Editura Sophia, [11]Gordon, Vasile, Cateheze pastorale pe înțelesul tuturor, vol.

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Of course, in some cases, he is very late to save us from evil. Through bravery he saved his syntagmas, through moderation, he admitted also within his syntagmas, the expressions of his opponents.

Text și discurs religios nr. 4/ | Ioan Milică –

Cyril replied the emperor on July 1, informing that they have resolved the issue of faith, and Nestorius was defrocked because he continued to preach his errors. Dumitru Fecioru, PSB vol.

This exceeded its powers and entered abusively in the scientific research area with claims of science queen and the reaction of some scientists was vsaile deny the essential aspects of religion that were not in their area of research. At a glance, what we perceive is an idealized and synthesized hist- orical victory.

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He is meant to expiate for faith, in order to show his way of justice,5 as Paul says. Moreover, Julian accuses Christians that they do not recognize the holiness in that they destroyed pagan temples, killing those who worshiped or prayed to them. His vast work complies with the theological exigencies of the introucere centuries, especially in the domain of Christology and Pneumatology that he competently and seriously dealt with thus contributing to ij establishment and formulation of Christian teachings.


This celestial body in the sky gives itself equally to all people through its rays, without entirely communicating itself. And such a sacrifice was done only by the Son of God made man. Therefore, the apparition of the heresies in the early life of the Church had, besides the negative role, that one to disturb the Church, a positive role also, that of forcing the Church to formulate the doctrine of faith through dogmas, because the heresies, according to St.

Psalm 68 is a song that was used in the liturgical introduxere of the Second Temple. Cyril stood out in the context of ogrdon emergence of the Nestorian heresy, when St. Epiphanius of Salamis, St.

There is no creature that does not need God as any creature is alterable by nature. Cyril of Alexandria, in particular remains a fact. Scholia de incarnatione unigeniti 12, in: Thus, some have erred due to the fact that they did not know the Scriptures, some of them due to a too much confidence in their own powers to understand everything about God, others, due to the zeal to understand God, without God, and others have erred simply due to the arrogance of their minds.

Christian crowds were convinced that she was a key figure in the act of preventing the prefect of Egypt to end a dispute with Bishop Cyril of Alexandria, so it was pulled out of the carriage, publicly humiliated, tortured and murdered.

Galatians 11, 20shall enter into the state of sinless death and as St.

Dieser Elitismus ist nicht nur zwischen den Kirchen in Diaspora und den Mutterkirchen entwickelt, sondern auch zwischen den verschiedenen Gemeinschaften und Gruppen in der Diaspora. Several commentators of the Cyrillian work have highlighted the speculative theological spirit which Saint Cyril of Alexandria had. Bucharest,96 p. Exegetical homily will see culmination in the golden centuries of the patristic literature, the two exegetical well defined directions, the Alexandrian one especially represented by the allegorical interpretation by Origen and Saintt Cyril of Alexandria and the Antioch one, remarkably represented by the homiletic work of Saint John Chrysostom and his vawile – literal interpretation model.


Moreover, it does it on behalf of all of Antioch, saying that he was authorization by all of them. Those decided not to obey and disgrace unappropriately the great gift adequately encountered the need of godly learning.

Cyril of Alexandria, who expressed his position both directly, but also through his rich theological work. Once the full information on a book or article has been given, the last name of the author should be used. And of the Son, Amen. Baptism by pouring or sprinkling, not being able to describe and discover the reality of death and our resurrection with Christ is reduced 52 Ibid.

The sin casts us away from God, while suffering brings us closer to God and vasule His wrath.

Text și discurs religios nr. 6/ | Ioan Milică –

Even body death or its waiting may be accepted with joy due to this simultaneity In the context of the differences between the common body of Nestorius and the life-giver body of Cyril stands the Eucharistic teaching of the real presence of the Body and Blood of the Incarnated Logos.

The sensibility is the echo of the corruptive and destructive action, which digs at the foundation of our being: Quae antea cooperantibus A. Cyprian of Carthage, St.