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If you were to try a better amp you might be surprised. You can find cheaper stuff, but I like 420 quality things that last even if I have to wait for them. If your posture sucks or you keep moving around your going to screw up your monitors mojo any way.

JBL reference monitors : audioengineering

By the time you wear out cheap ones you’ve already paid for a good one, you know? They’re passive, so I have an Alesis RA amp running them with a balanced signal from my interface.

I don’t have personal experience with these but I’ve never heard anything bad about them, and their specs look perfectly reasonable. I’m not looking to replace them, rather seeking someone with some knowledge of them. What amp would you recommend? Newer isn’t necessarily better, and familiarity counts for a whole lot. I believe the series was pretty popular back in the day, so someone has to have used these and compared them to others. Are you dissatisfied with the mixes you’re getting out of them?

If you have good cables and clean power the only thing that really matters is crossovers and the speakers themselves two things that haven’t really changed over time. JBL reference monitors self. Honestly I don’t have any experience with those speakers in particular but I’ve used a variety of passive and active monitoring equipment and the only real difference is convenience.


They sound good and I’m able to mix relatively well on them, but I’m wondering if I’m living in the stone age by not upgrading these to a set of newer mid-range KRK’s or something.

They make movies sound awesome! I’ve found reviews of them from around the time of their release and they seemed to get decent praise. Yeah, that should work nicely. I am definitely still happy with them and my mixes hold up well against similar mixes on newer equipment. I think you’re absolutely right though, the best plan is to add a second pair in time and not replace these outright, risking screwing myself.

How Did They Do That? Alesis RA Amp Manual https: If you sense any issues or just have some time on your hands you may want to take apart the amp and monitors and clean them up with high percentage isopropyl alcohol and contact cleaner I’d definitely hit up the pots and check any soldered parts. The other conflict I’ve found with older gear in a newer setup is interference from USB cables and such so wires with good shielding are a must. There hasn’t been any major technological breakthroughs in the speaker world besides taking what’s in your amp and putting it inside the speakers.

That touches on what I was wondering; if new active systems have become so superior to older passive systems, that I’m hurting myself by not upgrading.


JBL 4206 Professional Studio Monitor Speaker

Even a manufacturer you could recommend would be great. Unless you need a bigger one, in which case you’ll probably just get another one and run them in bridged mode. Want to add to the discussion? I’m not a big fan of KRKs. If you know them and are ubl with them, I wouldn’t rush to replace them – on the contrary, proceed with caution, as you could easily 42066 up worse off than you started.

I’m a fan of active bi-amped systems myself; however, the availability of active equipment doesn’t necessarily make passive gear irrelevant.

I’m also not a fan of Alesis amps. Here are pdf’s of the manuals for reference. Or a nice chair, people really under estimate the value of a comfy mixing chair.

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JBL average used price – Audiofanzine

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