Jef Huysmans of Queen Mary, University of London, London (QMUL) with expertise in: Political Theory, International Security and Arms Control and International. School of Politics and International Relations. Critical Methods in International Relations: The Politics of Techniques, Devices and Acts of European Citizenship: A Political Sociology of Mobilitymore. Professor Jef Huysmans. Jef Huysmans Professor of International Politics. Queen Mary, University of London. [email protected] Title: Fracturing.

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A comparative study into public attitudes and behaviours to dataveillance conducted by the state, commercial organisations and the self. Police huysmajs, everyday practices and technologies.

Security is not in the first instance a right or value but a practice that challenges democratic institutions and actions. In one sense exceptionality is a descriptive category referring to a radical change in the sys- temic conditions of international politics. The constitution of Political Being.

School of Politics and International Relations. It also poses the question of political agency in relation to some of the most significant questions raised in relation to the governance of insecurity and protection in the contemporary world. Security Studies and Critical Security Studies. The question of the limit: Instead of focusing on the military and diplomatic interventions, the article looks at how NATO developed a humanitarian interest in providing assistance and protection This article explores the role of methods in IR and argues that methods can be It is therefore a good time to take stock on what IPS has contributed to our understanding of migration, its governance and its politicization, including that refugees, asylum seekers and migrants are not just a major governmental issue in Europe and North America but equally so elsewhere in the world.


Critical Approaches to Security.

Politics of exception and unease European Journal of International Relations. Community, Citizenship and the ‘War on Terror’. SociologyPolitical Scienceand Social construction.

Jef Huysmans | Queen Mary, University of London –

The aim of this article is therefore to assess the evolution of critical views of approaches to security studies in Huysmaans, discuss their theoretical premises, investigate their intellectual ramifications, and examine how they coalesce around different issues such as a state of exception. Jef Huysmans The Politics of Insecurity. Security unbound and democracy 2.

Millennium – Journal of International Studies. Normativity, Inwardness and the Exception more. Our most recent contribution in this area is: This article, though, does not question the thesis of the globalisation of liberalism from the point of view of the revival of the dark sides of modernity. This is done mainly by analysing processes by which critical approaches to security percolate through a growing number of subjects such as development, peace research, risk management.

It argues that methods are not simply tools to bridge the gap between security theory and security practice.

Serbian-Turkish relations since the rule of Justice and Development Party. SecuritySecurity Studies huysamns, and Surveillance Studies. Migration, refuge, asylum seeking have been high on the political agendas in Europe and North America for decades now.


Local wars and the rise of nationalist and religious fundamentalisms disturbed the victory. Masters in the Making?

Security Unbound, by Jef Huysmans

Approaching this tension as symptomatic of a deep-rooted contradiction between integration and mobility that is constitutive of modern social formations, this article develops a political sociology of mobility that challenges territorial and culturalist accounts of European citizenship.

Yet, security practice and technology pervade society heavily in very mundane ways without raising national security crises, in particular through surveillance technology and the management of risks and uncertainties in many areas of life. Journal of Common Market Studies 38 5, Millennium-journal of International Studies.

A Foucaultian view on spill-over: Developing this conceptualization allows us to foreground questions of knowledge and politics as stakes of method and methodology rather than exclusively of ontology, epistemology or theory.

How do we account for the construction of a European modality of government that regulates free movement through the Klaus-Gerd Giesen, L’ethique de l’espace politique mondial. European citizenship is marked by a tension: It has been an intellectually fascinating ride. European Journal of International Relations.