This rare treatise has been out of print since Most people will do all they can to avoid affliction, but do very little to avoid sin. In 67 chapters, Burroughs. The eighth book of Mr Jeremiah Burroughs. Being a treatise of the evil of evils, or the exceeding sinfulness of sin. Wherein is shewed, 1 There is more evil in the. Jeremiah Burroughs () – A Popular Independent Puritan Preacher and a Member of the Westminster Assembly. Taken from “The Evil of Evils”.

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Brethren, it is of great use this I speak of, because that strength sin hath usually got, is from deliberation about it.

The Evil of Evils by Jeremiah Burroughs (, Hardcover, Reprint) | eBay

Many men plead thus, Who can challenge me and say, I have wronged them in al my life; they think this enough: But sin is the thing, and the only thing that break the order of God in the world, and strikes at Gods Work to break it al to pieces what lies in the sinner. The Justice of God is not made an Abettor of Sin: The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment. IT may be by all that hath been said of Sins being against God, the hearts of some at least may not be so much ot turned: A Memoir by Tara WestoverHardcover Thank you, Opal S.

Do but think somtimes with your selves, when you are among evuls great concourse of people, among a company of prophane wretched people, as in Markets, Fairs, Taverns, Inns, and Ale-houses, how is Gods Name blasphemed there? Rules and Helps to Christian Jeremlah Matthew 5: Put all the burroubhs six together; His dealings with the Angels, jeremjah with Man-kind; The dreadful giving of the Law; His dreadful Judgments for smal sins; And examples of his wrath abroad in the world; And the eternal torments in Hell: If that were true that thou thinkest, That God did approve of thy wicked wayes, God must cease to be God, God would be God no longer.

First, from about untilhe was assistant to Edmund Calamy at Bury St. That which is the venom of any one sin, is the venom of all; all comes from the same root. Many put up papers complaining of the hardness of their hearts, and desire the Minister and Congregation to seek God to break their hearts: As thus, many abstain from such and such sins, why?

What is anie Superioritie in man so great that men dare not offend them, and yet the poorest Spirit that is, dares wrong and blaspheme the Name of God.

The Evil of Evils: The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin (Puritan Writings)

These things be so clear, that its a wonder I was so blind, that I had not eyes to see these before, and yet who laies these things to heart? Why might Saul say Lord, have mercy upon me, is this such rebellion? Both men became members of the Westminster Assembly. So I apply it to you yong ones, perhaps temptations to that which is a sin against God, comes subtilly, strengthned with this Argument, and the other Argument; but bkrroughs you have your hearts possessed with this truth, vurroughs is a Sin against God; Oh when you cannot Answer jremiah particulars of temptation, burst out and weep, and cry either for your condition, or that you should be pestered with that you know is a sin against God, and say, I had rather lose my life, suffer any thing in the world, than sin against God.


Whereas know if thou be a Christian indeed, and that God hath aright made known sin to thee, thou wouldest rise higher, Oh I am to deal with God, an infinite glorious first-Being, and if it be sin only that strikes at this infinite glorious eternal first-Being of all things, Then I will avoid tje whatsoever become of me; yea, whatsoever I suffer I will not have to do with it: Were it not we had it from the holy Ghost, no man or Angel durst say so, that Christ should be made a Curse; in the abstract, not Cursed, but made a Curse: I remember Augustine saith this of his Mother, and I propound this for Mothers example, he being verie wicked a jereniah, and his Mother godlie; Oh it grieved her heart that she should have a Child go on in such wickedness against God, and she praid and wept, kf that Augustine saith of her, after God had enlightened his eyes to consider what she did for him, saith he, I perswade my self my Mother did as much labor, and burrpughs as much pain for my second Birth, as ever for my first Birth: But if thou goest on in waies of sin, it may be said of thee, that if thou hadest been made a Dog or Toad, God would have had more glory in the world than now he hath in making thee a Man: Could we but a little lay our Ears to Hell and hear the thw and yellings of those damned spirits aggravating sin, we should then have a true Comment upon the Subject in hand: Or thus, Thou hast Chosen Iniquity, rather than Affliction; whereas God requires of thee to give him glory in thy humble heremiah unto him in thy Patience, under his mighty hand, thou hast behaved thy self stubbornly and stoutly, and hast denyed to give God the glory of his Soveraignty, Majesty, Holiness, Justice, and Purity; and this thou hast Chosen rather evile to be content to lie under the Afflicting hand of God: But such was the amazement upon Christ, upon the apprehension of the wrath of his Father for Sin, that it sends out blood burrougghs Clodders trickling down his sides.

The Evil of Evils: The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin by Jeremiah Burroughs

What man in the world will be convinced that he doth any thing in way of Rebellion against God, and yet mark, God chargeth Sin with Rebellion even in that which they pretend they do all for Gods glory; Tye in that Example wvils Saul, 1 Sam. It may be God may have mercie upon thee, and bring thee into Christ; and Christ may satisfie God for that wrong thou didst to him, this is nothing to thee, but there is this evil in thee, there is not one sinful way that thou closest with, but thou venturest the loss of all that infinite good to be injoyed in the blessed God, in that sin: Wvils this the text saith, these men beholding this severitie of God for this offence, they all said, Oh!


And this, if it lies upon the heart as it should is a sad Consideration to humble the proudest heart in the world; to think that thou livest, and God hath no glory evls thee, though this be the End for which God made the world.

Martin rated it liked it Oct 02, So thou man or woman, shouldest have thy heart dead in other things, and have no mind to speak, yet when you see wretched men and women strike at God, as they do, as I have shewed in their sin if thou have any heart in the world; any life eevils the world, when thou seest this stroke at God, now speak; Oh that should burst all bars asunder.

I beseech you observe this; Take heed for ever of reasoning with Temptation, of consulting and casting about in your thoughts, what will become of it? So though there be more venom in some gross, crying sins, than in some others; yet there is no sin but hath the same sap, and the same venom, for the kind, that every sin hath, that the worst sin hath.

Oct 30, Steve Rohn rated it it was amazing. Sin cannot be the Object of a rational Creature. First, There is no good of Entity or Being; all things that have a Being, there is some good in them; for God hath a Being, and every thing that hath a being hath some good in it, because it is of God; but Sin is a Non Entity, a no being: Certainly this is so, and God seeth it so; and except God be satisfied for this sin in Christ, God will charge this upon jeremiag soul another day, that hast been guilty of this great sin.

When Ministers reveal the threatnings of God against sin, Oh say they, God forbid, we hope God is efil merciful than so; and all because they apprehend not what dreadful evil there is in sin. One would have thought the good he saw to be done should much have lightened it; and so certainly it did.

If it be but to gain two pence they wil tel a Lye, and are willing to chuse sin rather than endure the least trouble; a mighty difference between thee and them. I put it to your conscience every sinful man hte woman; think how hast thou lived?