JKD Footwork provides detailed demonstrations of the footwork methods used by Jeet Kune Do practitioners. This is a must-have reference guide for any serious. Learn 5 Drills For Improved Jeet Kune Do Techniques From Jeet Kune Do Training from a stationary position, the trainer will use footwork to move and attack. Here’s a Newer Video on Jeet Kune Do Footwork and Trapping. Agility, distance, timing and structure are essential to performing JKD Footwork and applying it.

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The purpose of this drill is to move your body quickly, about eight feet or more, in rootwork steps. You should be able to control the weight distribution and be in perfect balance at all times.

Practice any of the drills and simultaneously start firing off strikes. You can know all the moves and footworl the best puncher or kicker, but without footwork, you are not going to cause much damage.

It prohibits evasive footwork.

Only when there is stillness in motion, does the universal rhythm manifest. Any properly executed kick or punch comes off the footwork.

Why We Need Bruce Lee’s Footwork

jld The right knee is turned slightly to defend your groin area and your right foot should be rotated in roughly 25 degrees so that, if necessary, you can employ it as a kicking weapon.

In retreating or moving backward cautiously, reverse your movement.

When jogging, rapidly shuffle your feet and keep jogging. Another great benefit to proper Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do footwork is the fact that it provides you with a means by which cootwork can employ the force of inertia, whichproperly appliedcan tremendously boost your punching and kicking power.

Jeet Kune Do Footwork by Tim Tackett

This drill teaches you to become super quick either forward then backward or backward then forward. Then footeork front foot, without pausing from the initial motion, leaves the floor and crosses your rear foot.


From an footwkrk position, attempt to reach your partner with a light side kick as he tries to keep his distance. Replace step on the inside line Wrestling 7. Almost every movement is executed with footwork, and all the power and energy must come from it.

Bruce Lee’s Footwork | Martial Arts | Jeet Kune Do

Footwork always comes after the punch is initiatedthe hand moves first and then the feet. Against hammers, it is a circular movement down to either side. Against a straight blow, the movement is backward. At that moment, your body is imbalanced-restricting your attack or defense effectively. Rolling Rolling nullifies the flotwork of a blow by moving the body with it.

It alerts you as to which techniques are assets and which are liabilities. At the outset, you will feel clumsy and slow. Uyehara In Nkd Kune Do, mobility is heavily emphasized because combat is a matter of movements. Footwork is so critical to success in a fight whether it be in the street or in sport that it should be considered of primary importance in a training regimen.

Footwork, in short, “gets you there and gets you out. By sweeping your lead hand upward, you create momentum. This depends on several factors. Nothing in life is free. The Four Basic Types Of Footwork Basically there are only four types of footworkthe rests being simply variations on these four. Otherwise, do not move around clockwise like a robot footsork, be alive, add a little hop every time you circle. Just before it lands, your rear leg, with its knee bent and acting like a spring, should thrust your body with a sudden straightening of its leg.

However, once you learn on the options that avail themselves to you with increased mobility, you realize that footwork is an option provider. Your chin and shoulder should meet about halfway, with the right shoulder raised an inch or two and the chin dropped about the same distance.


Lead toe and rear heel on the same line. Good footwork accomplishes all of these things. It is a very effective technique against a lead jab and may also be used as the basis of the one-two combination blow. In circling, for teaching purposes only, you can move around clockwise in slow motion.

Even in evading a blow, the body should move before the feet. The two chief things that proper footwork provides for the martial artist is a means of finding a target and a means to avoid being a target. To retreat further, continue to repeat the process. You never know when you might want to or accidentally wind up with your non-dominant lead forward.

As you keep practicing this movement daily, however, you will develop your speed and grace.

There is no fast rule that says your heels should be constantly raised or when they should be flat. Having no footwork is like driving a racecar with horsepower but no wheels. It may be used to create openings for a counter attack. His art was, at that time point, heavily influenced by old school Western Boxing and Western Fencing!

The heel is raised because it is your sparkplug- ready to ignite you forward, backward or sideways and depending whatever besets you. It is more like a broad jump than a high jump.