How was your day at school today?” This is a question that many of us ask our children each day. Jonathan. Kozol author of The Shame of The Nation main-. Jonathan Kozol’s The Shame of the Nation takes the reader on a tour through schools largely in the New York and Boston areas ravaged by the effects of. In their place, Kozol offers a humane, dramatic challenge to our nation to fulfill of the most revered leaders in the black community, The Shame of the Nation pays \Jonathan Kozol is the National Book Award–winning author of Death at an.

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Local, state, and federal courts cases have attempted to bring desegregation and equality to public schools in many different parts of the country.

Jonathan Kozol

The letter, from a child named Alliyah, came in a fat envelope of 27 letters from a class of third grade children in the Bronx. Sep 02, Catherine K-S rated it it was amazing. Yet, even while they sometimes are officially deplored, these natlon forms of inequality have been accepted with apparent equanimity by those who are their beneficiaries.

THe author Jonathan Kozol went to college for english literature, then traveled to Paris to learn more about writing with some of the top writers in the world. In many cities, wealthier white families continued to leave the city to settle in suburbs, with minorities comprising most of the families left in the public school system. The Road to Rome.

These students are falling behind from the rest of society and t Jonathan Kozol takes a strong stand on the corrupt school system of modern times. In many inner-city schools, a stick-and-carrot method of behavioral control traditionally used in prisons is now used with students.

The Shame of the Nation by Jonathan Kozol | : Books

The Shame of the Nation: Jonathan Kozol rails against a public school system that, 50 years after Brown v. San Antonio Independent School District v. Want to Read saving…. This lack of space and resources takes a toll on the variety and quality of courses that are offered. The basic argument presented jonzthan the book is jlnathan no matter how much students are told they can succeed and how much educators teach to the test, schools that have inadequate funding will inevitably suffer.


The Shame of the Nation | Jonathan Kozol

He devoted most of his life to Tge Public Education to furthermore understand where the system is flawed. For, even within the New York City schools themselves, there are additional discrepancies in funding between schools that serve the poorest and the wealthiest communities, since teachers with the least seniority and least experience are commonly assigned to schools in the most deeply segregated neighborhoods.

The book was very informing because it nxtion the reader into real life scenarios based on facts that show how corrupt the education system really is. First, a state of nearly absolute apartheid now prevails in thousands of our schools.

Retrieved from ” https: A reoccuring theme Kozol experiences is that the actual funding for the students to succeed is heavily disregarded and deemed unimportant. In the years before I met Elizabeth, I shsme visited many elementary schools in the South Bronx and in one northern district of the Bronx as well.

Other high schools were so crowded they were forced to shorten schooldays and to joonathan back hours of instruction to accommodate a double shift of pupils.

There were points where I couldn’t put it down. This trend starts at the elementary school level with ‘Help Wanted’ signs, classroom jobs labeled as ‘managers’, and students keep ‘earnings-tracking’ charts on their desks.

This argument is more fully explored in the epilogue. Kozol describes how schools could be separated by a minimal drive but the difference is uncomparable. In this chapter, Kozol reveals the poor conditions and state of disrepair many of the segregated schools are now in. Further than this, it was a deeply important read that allows one to better understand the plight of their fellow Americans, to empathize with them, and to think about making the changes necessary to allow these children and their children after them to have a good education, and an equal footing in life jontahan solely on their own merit, rather than money or circumstance.


Board of Education, segregation of black children has reverted to its highest level since Looking at the different schools he realized schools that were primarily white would offer AP classes while the schools that were primarily black would offer classes like hairdressing.

The Shame of the Nation

The Shame of the Nation written by Jonathan Kozol was a very well written and educational book. This is a book about betrayal of the young, who have no power to natino themselves.

It is a book of our country’s failure of children. These applications usually call for an understanding of a contract, and a written “educational philosophy,” two things that would be near impossible for an illiterate or non-English speaking parent to complete. Kozol visited nearly 60 public schools in preparation for writing the natiom. His outrage ought to infect us. In jonsthan, the parents in poor neighborhoods were free to do fund-raising too, but the proceeds they were likely to bring in differed dramatically.

He sheds light on the inequalities that exist within them which the privileged may be blind too. I believe that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, deserves to receive a quality education that allows them to be successful in life. Jan 13, Carly rated it really liked it Recommended to Carly by: The stories of students who make it tue, the stories of teachers who, despite the challenges, find a way to teach well in urban districts.