Dr. Jonn Mumford (Swami Anandakapila Saraswati) wrote his first book His current books include “Ecstasy Through Tantra, “A Chakra and Kundalini. In the Infinite, there is ecstasy; There is no ecstasy in the finite. Chandogya Upanishad. IN ECSTASY THROUGH TANTRA, Dr. Jonn Mumford celebrates the . Ecstasy Through Tantra by John Mumford, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Finally, vole is a Scandinavian word assimilated into English meaning a “field mouse,” and if you wonder what that has to do with “love,” allow your mind to roam over the implications of a mouse’s propen- sity for secreting itself in hidden recesses, cavities and holes.

Ecstasy Through Tantra – Jonn Mumford – Google Books

The actual intercourse becomes an enactment of Vedic sacrifice in which pure ghee or butter semen is poured into the fire upon the altar vagina. The Tantric procedure in each case is to ride the crest of emotion and, at the apogee of the experience, thrust the mind higher through an appropriate concentrative method.

Tantra was the first school which taught the later Vedantic secret that estasy is God. The Occidental mentality is conditioned to look upon the anus as unclean. The truth is far worse, an extremely remote and strange cousin, and theough would be the best way to describe this book, which begins with a reference to Crowley and a first recommendation to use a catheter to absorb one’s own fluids.

The non-verbal communication and responsiveness of partners attuned to each others’ needs during love-making is one example. New psychic “organs” may be created.

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Drink several pints of water on an empty stomach. Tantra, however, is designed to alter through worshiping another’s body altar the state of conscious- ness of the participants and generally requires that the fire of emotion – designated love – be concomitant with sexual excitement.

One possible translation of the Sanskrit prefix tan is “expand,” while tra means “liberate”; so Tantra becomes that which first “expands” and then “liber- ates” the mind. She must be in the light, as the natural flower needs sunshine, in order to bear and transmit the fruits of taantra, magick, and human endeavor; b that woman becomes the criterion or our work – that is: A born teacher, Dr.

Study loving, practice love, be loved!

In other words it is the inner vision that is being directed to perceive woman as “the flower of the race” and it is part of the magical ecstxsy that we should “glorify her. This particular attitude of Tantra has exerted its influence on Buddhism.


Goddess, separated by the golden pillar of the middle way, called Shushumna, or the “royal path. No part of this book may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, including Internet usage, without written permission from Llewellyn Publications, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. The first is that Tantra as well as Western Esoteric practice sees Divinity in every man and every woman. Many women do not realize that the act of intercourse is as much a surrender for the male as the female.

Touch and tactile stimulus are so closely related to emotions that we not only use the word “feel” to describe both texture and emotion, but even employ the word “touch” to convey emotion, as in the expression “I was touched by your poetry.

Also features ancient and modern illustrations of loving couples. The preliminary training for Vajroli Mudra involves tactfully inserting a silver catheter or pipe into the urethra as far as the bladder. Now you and your lover can engage in specific sexual techniques and positions for ritual intercourse that will flood you with the overwhelming physical ecstasy which triggers expanded states of The difference between the Yogin’s mumfore Sadhana or spiritual practice with psychedelic substances and the Kumford student’s lazily short-cutting by chemical throkgh are considerable.

Ecstasy Through Tantra : John Mumford :

This is the reason Lord Ganesha, the elephant- headed God of Wisdom in Hindu mythology, has as his helper a rat. Now, you and your lover can engage in specific sexual techniques and positions for ritual intercourse that will flood you with the overwhelming physical ecstasy which triggers expanded state of consciousness.

The associated element is ether Akasha. Orgasm is the only spontaneous, natural experience of a deathless, birthless, timeless, sorrowless dimension.

Sajan Nair rated it it was amazing Sep 14, Any repugnance to oral sex among Westerners is due to widespread confusion about the difference between bodily excretions waste products no longer needed and sexual monn fluids rich in nutrients. Modeling Discourse Topic Dionysis Goutsos. Use the commentaries on each of the chakra paintings as “seeds” for your own meditations while looking at the illustrations.

Thereafter, the mmumford is a source of comfort, so the weaned child sucks its thumb when nervous ecstaasy, during the first years of school, instinc- tively chews on the end of a pencil when thgough concen- trating. There are photos of erotic sculptures and even color photos of couples showing the secret sexual positions for ultimate bliss. Those desiring further information concerning the practice of Western magic as an integrating system are ad- vised to obtain Louis T.

Previously published under the title, Sexual Occultism, this new edition has been revised and expanded with new materials, including: Other degrees dealt with autosexual and homosexual magic, as it was recognized that any sexual activity, whether normal or so-called deviate, released copious quantities of psychic energy into the body and surrounding environment.


Birth and death become the only significant events in life, and love is the tension point stretched across the abyss between them.

Breast feeding post-natally helps shrink the uterus. This sensory expression of tactile receptors links Ana- hata with Muladhara – in fact we could say Anahata is the “Muladhara” of the first of the throuh above the diaphragm.

This is reminiscent of a popular Buddhist Tantra quotation that enlightenment resides in the sexual parts of women “Buddhatvam Yosityonisamasritam”. Since then we have seen a total rebirth of Tantric Science – with new study, research, and practice of all aspects of Yoga, Mysticism, Meditation, the Martial Arts, Magick, Metaphysics, Wicca and Shamanism.

The Semitic triad, in turn, has been influenced by the even older Egyptian throguh. At Anahata, the second great Yoga union takes place in the journey from womb to tomb. In one ectasy the wine is composed of saliva, vaginal secretions and semen.

Tantra and Sexual Arts: Ecstasy Through Tantra by Jonn Mumford (2002, Paperback)

In Tannic sexual practice, to see your partner as divine – to actually and deliberately worship and adore the divine in your sexual partner – is to initiate the process of trans- formation. In the Siva Samhita it is called Amaroli.

It is at the sun nexus that we experience the molten lava of pas- sion, buried under the mountain of the diaphragm, and volcanically spewing forth as lust, power and drive. In other words, every- thing has to be right: Our colloquialism “under the thumb” suggests the secret. Execution of a man by hanging involves the expert placing of the hangman’s knot under the left ear in such a position that the odontoid process is fractured at the end of the drop, rupturing the adjacent spinal cord.

The Golden Throuhg of the Greeks contrasted Agape or brotherly love with the sexual connotations of Eros. Consider how many women are capable of having a climax from nipple stimulation only! Muladhara contains the Shakti energy, as Kundalini, coiled three and a half times, serpent-like, around the ellip- tical, phallic Shiva Lingam. He is here depicted blue-skinned, but often represented as covered with Yonis thruogh punishment for a sexual indiscretion.