This JSR development tutorial shows how to master request-response programming using the PortletRequest and PortletResponse objects of the Portlet JSR (Portlet ) defines a lifecycle for events, so that eventing is name as defined in the previous code example in the portlet section of the file. Portlet Tutorial, Java Portlet, Portlet Example, Java Portlet Tutorial, What is Portlet , JSR has introduced the using of annotations for controlling things were.

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The global portlet feature is designed to compensate such limitation. For a detailed description of these features, see the tutorial OSGi and Modularity. If you are not using wizards to develop portlets, the following topics describe the mechanics of building a simple portlet.

The package structure in this tutorial does not differ greatly from the previous example, with the exception of adding some JSP files detailed later.

This makes portlets much more flexible than servlets. If you suspect a classloading problem, ensure that the required classes are in the appropriate classpath according to the classloading hierarchy. GenericPortlet which also can throw a PortletException. The previous line simply copies an action parameters to a render parameter for this pprtlet. If only jsrr view mode is required, then only the doView method needs to be implemented.

This section shows you how to develop portlets using the following frameworks and techniques:. For example, the Edit mode tutoria a weather portlet could let you choose a location to retrieve weather data from. The EDIT button only appears with logged-in users, which is not the case in the screenshot.

Perform the inclusion of the markup obtained from the JSP.

View Generates markup reflecting the current state of the portlet. This software allows developers to write a portlet application as if it was a JSF application. Start JBoss Application Server if it is uttorial already running.


This does not have to be declared as all portlets must support the view portlet mode. Normal A portlet shares this page with other portlets.

And because the portal controls page layout, you can reposition and resize one or more portlets on a page without altering any portlet code. Even so, the advantages of modularity are so great that porrlet still recommend you develop your portlets as OSGi modules.

The third method mixes form submission and action request. For more information, see The XML configuration interface.

Packaging portlet classes, resources, and descriptive information in a single file makes distribution and deployment of portlets easier. Minimized A portlet may show very little information, or none at all.

Creating a simple portlet

Portlets also have a portlet filter available for each phase in the portlet lifecycle. In fact, GateIn 3. In the third method the action phase is poetlet first then the render phase is triggered, which outputs some content back to the web browser based on the available render parameters.

2866 to the documentation for Rational Application Developer for complete setup instructions. With that said, you can use a variety of technologies to develop portlets that run on Liferay Portal. Therefore, the portal server copies was.

Edit Allows a user to customize the behavior of the portlet. In order to write a portlet using JSF a ‘bridge’ is needed. Once the portlet processes all events, the portal calls the Render phase on all portlets on the page. For example, you can develop your portlet with strictly standards-compliant frameworks oortlet APIs, package it in a WAR file, and then deploy it on any standards-compliant portal container.

The resources can be images, JSP files, Writing the portlet descriptorsand property files tktorial translated message text. This is especially useful for portlets that use messaging because these portlets have to be placed on the same page. This section shows you how to develop portlets using the following frameworks and techniques: This section tells the portal to only output HTML.


The path to the global portlet. If you are familiar with the web. The bridge then negotiates the interactions between the two layers. If an installed portlet application includes a class loader, the portlet application class loader is an application oprtlet loader ACx under WebSphere Portal Express.

For example, a filter can transform the content of portlet requests and portlet responses. Processes events triggered in the Action phase. It allows administrators to pair which modes and window states are supported for each markup type.

When constructing XMLAccess scripts for use in installing standard portlets, use the following values: The portlet specification only provides a tutorrial for a portlet to read its own URL parameters or those declared as public render parameters.

Creating a simple portlet

When this phase runs on one portlet, it also runs on all other portlets on the page. For example, a portlet application might use potrlet portlet descriptor as potlet The portlet is provided along with the source in the IBM Portlet Samples package, which is available from the portlet catalog by searching for navcode 1WPZ. Do you wish you could use npm and npm packages in your portlets? As in any JSF application, the file faces-config. The application server searches for security policy files in the location of the enterprise application archive rather than the Web application archive.

Standard portlets Table 2. This makes it easier to support the standard portlet modes.

The recently released Java Portlet Specification 3. This section describes how to deploy a portlet in GateIn 3.