ROSETTA STONE – THE MONUMENT OF SCRIPT AND LANGUAGE. Tome Boshevski, MASA Aristotel Tentov, FEEIT. pretstaven-3d-model-na-kamenot-od-rozeta Навигација на напис. pretstaven-3d-model-na-kamenot-od-rozeta. Copyright © КАНАЛ 3 .

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Refinement of the method come with the successful application of initial principles to the quantitatively enormous wealth of Ancient Egyptian texts, that also included several polylingual monuments. It contains a text of the decree in hieroglyphs, demotic script and Greek alphabet, respectively, from the bottom rozetz the top of one of its sides. Olympus and throughout the entire Empire of Alexander, including the successor states in Middle East.

At a first glance, stated this way, it is a legitimate inquiry, the results of which should be subjected to scrutiny of peer-reviewed publication process. Ethos of the regime is essentially ethno-socialist by nature: Obviously the statement contains a lie: This is a main path chosen by policy makers of the vertical official nomenclatura and laterally positioned individuals in the sphere of administratively organized local culture.

Successively and separately, in a process involving among other methods comparative studies of the language of the Copts, than in liturgical usage, Young deciphered the Demotic part of the monument and Champolion the hieroglyphic, laying the groundwork of modern Egyptology. That the script was originally ancient Macedonian. Furthermore, with regard to plausibility of the s.


Pseudolingistical fabrications may only represent a finite number of concepts in comparison with potential productivity of language as an actual and theoretical concept. The meaningless set of one-liners that passes for a translation of the demotic text, counterarguments against which are redundant at this point, has a level of coherence not very far for what would odd out of a random words generator.

The Proto-Slavic language out of which the FYROMian Bulgarian dialect originates exhibits traces of contact with Baltic, Rozeha, Ugro-Finnic and Iranian speakers, all of them attested through multidisciplinary studies in and around north to central parts of Eastern Europe.


Among other claims that these two Pseudoscientist claim are:. Before a conclusion is given, a dilemma that readers may have must be answered. In practice, the stance of linguistic combined with historiography was resolute for more than years.

Regardless of that, The function of bridging the caricature of Ancient Macedonia which exists among FYROMian Slavs is achieved through creation of brief idiosyncratic glosses and phrases. The main trouble, in theory. Rich bibliographical corpus formed for more than years around the inscription and kindred artifacts.

But the whole circus of Pseudomacedonism would not represent an integral mechanism without an invention of literature bridging the worlds firmly separated by rozrta, space and time. The statement about the library is a non sequitur.

Opposition was suppressed that year: The revisionist act of translating again! The entire body of texts that may be seen is Greek if the later official usage of Latin is excluded.

For me it is not a scientific discovery, but a fallacy that the Ancient Macedonians were illiterate in their own language, and they founded the famous Alexandria library. Sarakinski, lecturer at UKIM, but reached a very limited audience. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Speculative and liberal mind may developed these imagination into impressionistic contours, into escapist landscape.

No evidence exists that during the Hellenistic era demotic was exported for official or any kind of other use outside Egypt.

Macedonian Anthology: Kamenot od Rozeta – Bosevski Tentov – Milenko

Being absolutely unknown outside the areal of the Egyptian culture, it kamenoh such at the soil of Macedon, rest of Greece south of Mt. The Rosetta Stone Hoax became the strongest point of convergence of Pseudomacedonian nationalism. The most fundamental question is: The main question is: To a large degree, this state of affairs correlated with what could have been a petty play by two neophytes in the area of philology and historic linguistics. It is impossible that the more simpler article system evolved into the elaborate case system and than reverted spontaneously into analytical article system of the exactly same type.


The absurdity of this proposition to which many professionals and a number of informed laymen have pointed, needs no further proof of its obviousness. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. While the Rosetta Stone is one in a series of several known variants of the rrozeta, the artifact, today custody of the British Museum in London remains iconic among epigraphical artifacts.

This site uses cookies. The act of pseudoscientific forgery, delivered through unapologetic exhibitionism via the national media escalated into an official dogma. Yet it is a hymn to thousands of fanatic Pseudomacedonians worldwide. Instead, TV and journals ksmenot all genres took their claim not only for granted, but with unprecedented glorification and pompousness.

It is well popularized on the Internet, where general and even mid-level peer-reviewed, often technical information may be found. The answer is that apart from the uniformity in reporting by nominally independent media and the lack of opposition among professionals in relevant fields, both of which show the pathology of collectivism compulsive sensationalism as gratifying to the mob mentality on one hand and instilled fear of ostracism and violence on the otherin the Rosetta Stone hoax one may observe a rich symbolism which filled the preexisting gap in the atmosphere created by elite-imposed identity practices.