DSpace at West Bengal State Central Library · Geography, Travel and History ভুগোল, ভ্রমণবৃত্তান্ত ও Title: Shri Shri Ramkrishna Kathamrita – Pt.1; 6th ed. Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita is a Bengali five-volume work by Mahendranath Gupta (–) which recounts conversations and activities of the 19th. Sri Ramakrishna was a living embodiment of Godliness. His sayings are not those of a mere learned man, but are pages from the book of life. Mahendranath .

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Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita Bengali: His sayings are not those of a mere benfali man, but are pages from the book of life. Even now Sri Ramakrisha is the silent force that is moulding the spiritual destiny of India.

And, lest there be any misunderstanding, it needs to be said that the sketchy notations which constitute the reminder of M’s diary belong solely to M’s descendants, not to the Ramakrishna Order. Featured bemgali, Sanskrit Books Mantrapushpam Sanskrit. ChildrenFeatured Dashavataram Tamil 0 out of 5. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ramakrishna Hindu texts Bengali-language literature.

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Gupta, Mahendranath; Dharm Pal Gupta Based on 0 reviews 0. This page was last edited on 16 Juneat And before he left this world inhe had completed the colossal work of translating all the five parts of Kathamrita into English.


Therefore they are a beacon light to all who tread the spiritual path, to whichever race or religion they may belong. Tyagananda ; Vrajaprana M thought that his was an important medium for public dissemination of Ramakrishna’s ideas. Considered as a constructed ‘text’ rather than simply as a more-or-less authentic ‘source’, the Kathamrita reveals the presence of certain fairly self-conscious authorial strategies Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita.

Commons Wikiquote Wikisource texts. Sri Ramakrishna was a living embodiment of Godliness.

Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita Volumes 1 – 2 (Bengali)

The high degree of ‘ truth effect ‘ undeniably conveyed by the Kathamrita to 20th century readers is related to its display of testimonies to authenticity, careful listing of ‘types of evidence’, and meticulous references to exact dates and times. According to Sumit Sarkar ,”The Kathamrita was published from 15 to 50 years after the sessions with Ramakrishna, and covers a total of only days spread over the last four and a half years of the saint’s life.

ChildrenFeatured Dashavataram Tamil. Dasputa’s essay Dasgupta Ramakrishna Math Mumbai Pages: Retrieved from ” https: The full text of the original diary has never been made publicly benga,i. Kali, the Dark Goddess of Dakshineswar. Archived from the original PDF on Out of stock – Join the waitlist nengali be emailed when this product becomes available. It also needs to be pointed out that, according to Dipak Gupta, M’s great-grandson, scholars can, and have, seen these diaries.


The pre-history of the Kathamrita has been discussed in R. Views Read Edit View history. An exploration of the Ramakrishna Vivekananda tradition. Poignantly and frustratingly, M’s diary notations were as sparse as they were cryptic.

Mahendranath Gupta has recorded his sublime utterances with stenographic precision. Dakshineswar Kali Temple Kamarpukur Jayrambati.

Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita – Wikipedia

The product is already in the wishlist! Bhakti Gita Kali Tantra Vedanta. Indian Institute of Advanced Study. Udbodhan Office Kolkata Pages: The latest complete translation, by Dharm Pal Gupta, is intended to be as close to the Bengali original as possible, conveyed by the words “Word by kathmrita translation” on the cover.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. M also sought Sarada Devi ‘s appraisal before the kathamrira of the dairy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

A Vedanta Kesari Presentation Publisher: New York, Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center.

Vedanta for the West.