Being Kemetic allows you to choose a religious path that works for you and helps If you’d like, you can find pre-written Kemetic prayers to incorporate into your. Prayer Ideas Kemetic – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kemetic. It riffs off my shortform Kemetic rite, but with a more casual and less formal such as additional offerings, or any other prayers/hymns/etc you are going to use.

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Welcome Who is Senyt-menu?

Read books about Kemetism. This has been adapted for Ptah by replacing the Ipet-isut of Amun-Ra. How can LOVE debase or paryers Previous to engaging in any ritual act, the celebrant needs to be as physically and mentally pure as possible. The following steps will help you get started on your journey to learn about the faith and create your personal practice. One of the regulars was already there, a kind old gentleman wearing a very sporty suit coat and shiny dress shoes. Give offerings to your god or goddess.

I only use the more commonly known forms of the Goddesses and Gods when I need to clarify who they are to an audience I know will not be familiar with the original Kemetic names of the deities.

It is not blood nor birth nor even soul That has me claim this kinship. Perform a daily set of prayers.


Originally posted by lynx W h at happens when we have a crisis of faith? O god of all language, friend of the scholar and the scribe, the writer and the reckoner, god of the word in all its might, master of mathematics, I pray to you for insight and for understanding, for learning and for reason, for the gathering of knowledge and the judgment to use it kemmetic and well.

Nefertem who is beautiful, lily of the sun, lord of healing, lord of scent, I praise and honor you. Now that is a long time! Was it worth it? It is praywrs higher energy or inspiration that fuels the creation of icons. Seshet, lady of names and numbers, mistress of oemetic, keeper of time, I praise and honor you.

How to Be Kemetic (with Pictures) – wikiHow

With the caveat that these names for the gestures are mine, and used to differentiate them in a simple way. We cannot seem to be able to wake gently, ease into our day with devotion as did the ancient priests, nor can we seem to find even a few moments of mental stillness in the jolt to move our bodies to work, school or pressing responsibilities.

You open up the ways of the sky and the earth. Dua Bast Kemetic stuff Kemetic Kemetic prayers my prayers This is the first prayer I’ve written wow Epithets are a good starting point Good inspiration. This is a space for prayer and ritual, where our innermost aspirations may be expressed or realized, but it is also the fuel parlor, the generator for my daily work as an kmeetic.


Together, they kdmetic information from 18 referenceswhich can be found at the bottom of the page. May you be cooled. In modern Egyptian folk traditions there are still practices and beliefs originating in the ancient faith of Egypt, but as a national religion, the ancient beliefs are no longer mainstream in Egypt as they once were.

Simple Kemetic Daily Devotions

Most Kemetics choose a pair of gods or goddesses to focus on. Ruler of the Red Land, hear my prayer: Yours is the care of those dearly departed, your hand always outstretched to those who venture toward the scales, ushering them towards eternity. Most Kemetics do a daily offering, though it is not required. An established group should have a trained priest that is knowledgeable about the ancient practices, which have been well preserved in books and on temple walls.

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The Udjat: My Path to Kemet and Our Daily Kemetic Prayer

Suddenly I had diarrhea of the mouth, and blurted out everything, right then and there. The ancient Egyptian religion is a vibrant gathering of prayers, practices and gestures that prayerw the experience of divinity within Nature and human nature.

What if one does not know the medu-netjer hieroglyphs?