Nomor 13 Tahun tentang Ketenagakerjaan, perlu. Indonesia. .. sektor tertentu yang diatur di dalam KEPMEN / dan PERMENAKER No/. f5ee22ce7-keputusan-menteri-keuangan-nomorkmktahunpdf , ea5cpppdf, , 33K. London: By Taylor & Francis Budiono, A.M Sugeng dan Pusparini A Keselamatan Keputusan Menteri Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi Republik Indonesia tahun Nomor: /Men/ tentang Waktu Kerja dan Istirahat pada Sektor Usaha Energi dan Sumber daya Mineral pada Daerah Tertentu. Jakarta.

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Chapter III regulates realization of national defence. Provides for research and development on family planning population “quality and quantity” control and on the need for and supply of contraceptive devices, and for education and information about family planning.

Political measures shall include the organization of free elections.

Law on State-Owned Enterprises No. Ethics of National Life No. Law on Court of Human Rights No.

Index of /peraturan/2011/11

Provides for manning of kepnen ships and authority of posts; education, testing and certification of seafarers on merchant 20033 occupational protection for seafarers; and for some related matters. Under Article 35 of Law No. The government shall draw up plans on manpower development and collect relevant information. Regulates appointment of would-be civil servants and civil servants. Aim of this system is to obtain data and information to help manage development of occupational health programmes at municipal, provincial and central levels.

Part 1 contains general provisions. Comprehensive legislation on labour relations. Provides that every workers with a disability should be provided with equal opportunities and treatment with respect to employment.

Declares that the state shall promote the development of small and medium enterprises. Chapter III deals with employment, including allocation of control, terms of employment, and counseling, registration and departure of prospective overseas workers. Stipulates that pension funds shall submit periodic actuarial reports to ensure the solvency of the fund.


The new article 35 reads as follows: Settlement of labour dismissal and the stipulation of severance pay, gratuity and taun in companies Decree No. Establishes procedures for the administration of apprenticeship programs abroad including the licensing of job-training institutions, revocation of the license, reporting on the implementation of the apprenceship programs to the competent authority, and guidance for the institutions.

Index of /peraturan//11

It is based on Law No. Decree of the Minister of Industry and Trade on the implementation of the obligation of corporate registration No.

Makes some minor rectifications of the Decree of the Minister of Manpower No. Regulates procedures for licensing and registration of job training institutes, both public and private. Part 6 provides for lumpsum payment, transfer of fund and change in programmes.

Comprehensive legislation covering labour relations and trade unions. Chapter 6 establishes the rights and obligations of unions including, inter alia, rights to negotiate collective agreements, represent workers in industrial dispute settlements, and obligations to defend kepme from any violations of their rights as well as to improve kepmne welfare of members and their families.

Regulation of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No. Prospective Indonesian workers for employment overseas shall be in ke;men of a health certificate.

Sets minimum wage for Bekasi Regency in at RpEstablishes that any labour dispute shall first be settled through bipartite negotiations to reach an agreement. Presidential Decree concerning the employment of expatriates No.

Concerning Periods the Energy and Mineral Resources. Deals with various aspects of recruitment of civil servants.

Welfare activities out of this fund are spread over the man Employer is obliged to provide nutritious foods and drinks, and to maintain morality and security in the workplace. The Ministry shall determine provisions for the regulation of: Chapter IV deals with supervision of the implementation of the Regulations.

Administrative Sanctions Part IV: Law on the Commission on the Eradication of Corruption No.


Manpower development shall be based on the principle of “Pancasila” and shall guarantee equal opportunities and treatment ss. It is also to facilitate cooperation with similar institutions in other countries in the framework of the mutual recognition of qualifications. Establishes that the settlement of civil disputes, besides being adjudicated by the public courts, can also be arranged through arbitration and alternative dispute settlement procedures.

Minister of Manpwer and Transmigration Decree No. Chapter V deals with monitoring and evaluation. Indonesia – – Ley. Chapter VII provides for the promotion, control and evaluation of placement. Finally, the State shall promote religious and cultural harmony. Part 5 provides for reporting, Part 6 for submission of objection to reports on results of direct audit, and Part 7 for sanctions. Recruitment services may be provided either by the Government or private agencies.

Civil Servants who are members of political parties Government Regulation No. Regulates obligations of employers and executives in management of pension fund investments, management of assets of pension fund of employers and of pension fund of financial institutions, use of services of third parties, and some related matters.

Such allowances, generally amounting to one month’s wage, shall be paid by employers to workers or their families no less than seven days before religious holidays in cash or kind, but not with strong drinks, drugs or drug materials. International cooperation should be promoted because of man power Provides that employers who can not afford to pay their workers the minimum wage may apply for permission to postpone compliance with the regulation to pay minimum wages.