THE KHAIRY CHRONICLES MALAYSIA TODAY SPECIAL REPORT PART 5. The heir and the pretender. Some time ago, a young UMNO. directed by his then year old son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, and his. Copies of IHikayat Khairy – Khairy Jamaluddin: Putera Oxford ke The page book is the Malay version of the Khairy Chronicles posted in.

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Ben is not even from Perlis. But the rumour took chroniclees a life of its own. Surely the people of Malaysia should know about the phenomenon of Khairy Jamaluddin since their lives now so much depend on it. The money was supposed to be allocated towards development projects for the poor, but has instead gone towards building a tourist complex, shopping mall and condominiums.

However, his request for an appointment, submitted by Azmin, went unheeded.

Khairy Jamaluddin Chronicles

However, even before he assumed office, it was quite clear khaiyr Abdullah Badawi was not his own man — that all his thoughts, actions and deeds were heavily influenced, if not directed by his then year old son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, and his coterie of friends.

Kebebasan akhbar disokong tetapi tidak untuk Utusa The former Menteri Besar is Osman Aroff, a Kedah politician synonymous with the most extreme degrees of corruption and is currently almost a complete non-entity within the UMNO leadership. She chronciles the matter to Abdullah and, according to Ezam, asked Abdullah to see what he can do about releasing the ISA detainees.

The so-called revamp of government, economic and asset interests heavily disguises xhronicles more sophisticated ways in which Khairy makes his money. Yet, few, including the upper echelons of both ruling and opposition khhairy, understood that the end game was being played out in its final moves. Khairy did not take this lying down though. A fellow mamak like Reezal, he had a weakness for beautiful women and both had married twice.


It was a role that Anwar and his inner circle were willing to play. However, though Felda may be under Najib, key decisions regarding the agency are being heavily influenced by Khairy and Ethos Consulting.

Dollar, he is a GOD fearing man, if you are in need of loan and you will pay back the loan please contact him tell him that is Mrs Sharon, that refer you to him. Khairy did not need to try so hard. PART 12 Ringing in the cash till There is certainly an element of dishonesty in the government-owned economic and financial institutions. But for Tun Faisal, who is also a special officer to Datuk Khariy Hishamuddin Husein, the signal for change from the delegates was very clear.

Nobody: The Khairy Chronicles

Terengganu Umno Youth Khairy: This columnist usually invited sets of young men to his house, which he shared with his life partner. But perhaps may yet see Khairy winning over Mahathir. The natural presumption is that Khairy is building his own empire. Although Omar Ong is the son-in-law of Fatwa Council chairman Ismail Ibrahim, his talents in the religious department were severely lacking.

Khairy Chronicles

But the other two members of the committee were left without doubts that it was Khairy who was the eyes and ears of the Prime Minister and had the most sway in making decisions. And UMNO is rife with mutterings of dissatisfaction, due to the high price some say up to RM50, exacted by people close to Abdullah merely to secure an appointment with the Prime Minister.


Spending too much time overseas, Anwar has distanced his closest supporters by playing favourites that was his hallmark when previously in power. It remains to be seen whether the friendship between Khairy and Ezam is a genuine one, or merely a marriage of convenience. Chronilces was he a good speaker nor a great orator.

And yet that grand title is not mere glory. Khairy cannot be brash and disrespectful towards Mahathir as he is with Najib, Ali Rustam, Muhyiddin, Khir Toyo and others of that persuasion.

DAP couches its objections in an academic language that is not easily understood by the majority of the voters.

Khairy has planted the seed of doubt by accusing Hishammuddin of being mired in appointing too many Special Officers in chroniclss ministry. Much of the details tally with events and talk along the Corridors of Power. He understands that the effort to remove Najib must be done slowly, building up to a crescendo over a period of time.

Mukhriz Serikan Khairy 1: That he supports his daddy’s racist rants and unhinged Anwar bashing “zionist agent” indeed or his unabashedly hedonistic brother Mokhzani with his stable chronlcles exotic Porsche cars?