A Klippermate and/or Badminton Owner’s Manual. Our 24 page manual for the Klippermate and/or the Badminton racquet stringer, takes you step by step. Hi, just wondering if someone has klippermate manual on PDF or some type of format they can send me. Greatly appreciated. Thanks ______. : KlippermateĀ® Tennis Racquet / Racket Stringing Machine The most complete and easy to follow instructions available with any stringer.

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Great stringer, great warranty, and very easy to use. I was amazed when I played with the first racket I strung; I can klippermaet say that it was probably the best stringing job I have played with and to think that I have been paying top dollar for others to string my rackets in the past. String job quality no different from the higher priced machines. The racket played beautifully and I have been hitting with it for a couple of weeks now and it continues to perform well!

Klippermate Stringing Instructions Manual

They are good quality strings and don’t cost as much as the name brands. They even helped when I had questions on how to string a racquet that was not listed. As long as you use the same process to string every time you should get consistent results.


Jim of Pennsylvania, December 18, Suggestion for the manufacturer: It may not be as accurate as a professional machine but you have to do the cost-benefit analysis for yourself.

Wondering if I’d need to get the different drop weight, mounting vises, and floating clamps. If you disagree, please send in your own opinion.

I will keep you all posted of the result of my second inquiry. My family got the machine for me because I broke too many strings.

But it does have a lifetime warranty so I’m not worried. I have to tighten the bolt really tight but this doesn’t affect the accuracy and usability of the machine – it’s just annoying. It takes me about an hour to string. Great machine and easy to use. Very simple machine no special features. Table top, drop weight tensioner, 2 point mounting, flying klippermare.

It would be helpful to put the machine on a tool stand, by the way. I finally strung my oversized Prince racquet with the Klippermate. Well, I found stringing not easy to learn. There are instructions to take care of adjusting and cleaning of the clamps to prevent tension loss and the like. I tried to follow the manual but found it difficult so I got help from my friend who is very familiar with racquet stringing.


Racquet Stringing Patterns

Suggestion for the first time stringer: If you hold the grommet in place, this would not occur. But, I ended up manuwl in a little over 2 hours. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have to string a lot of racquets but if you’re just stringing for yourself, this machine will more than pay for itself. You really don’t need anything else to start with.

Overall, I haven’t had any problems with the stringer and I would highly recommend it. There is a learning curve but works great for our whole family.

First time stringer and found the instructions as well as the phone support extremely helpful in getting me proficient in stringing my raquets.

I have never strung before. I’m selling mine, email me at jeff at gmail.