Hello to everybody, This is my first post here although I have been following the forum for quite a while! I’ve been playing blues and rock on guitar for years and. This garbage pick four-string tenor guitar accompanies Kurt on “Polish Song” (” The Guitarteachers and authors of guitar methods like to argue over what the ” best” here allows for example in the book “Intervallic Improvisation – The Modern. Learn how to play 5 cool guitar licks in the style of Kurt Rosenwinkel.

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Among his many guitars there is only one, that he has stayed faithful to through all the years.

Chordal playing Ourt frequently plays chords with a combination of fingers and his pick held between thumb and indexfinger. Most teachers are familiar with the book so when you have a teacher they can help you work through it. Beside an intense study of harmony in general mostly learning by doing and working with standards Kurt has also kut working with the late George Van Eps’ “Harmonic Mechanisms For Guitar”.

To me Kurt among many other notable musical distinctions is a big fan of triads. His next album on Verve will feature this tuning and several compositions that he composed with it.

Consider Skype or something like He likens the process to opening a door.

Music has always been an obsession for me – in a good sense. This is the tip of the iceberg It’s kind of like kneading dough.

The Music of Kurt Rosenwinkel: Kurt Rosenwinkel Guitar Method Book

bpok When I hit on something that I’m not bopk familiar with, I stop and work on it. I am finding a vast store of rosdnwinkel here, and I am very grateful to Julio Herrlein for providing them. In pages, the book provides a vast store of material for compositional and improvisational use.

He says that in the last couple of years he hasn’t transcribed much but still considers it a worthwhile occupation. For Kurt composing usually starts with some kind of discovery. As far as books, George Van Eps, Mick Goodrick, there a number previously discussed elsewhere on this forum which was helpful to me. Anyone who has ever tried this will know that one twist of a tuning peg can turn you into a beginner in an instant.


Some of his songs stem from improvisational exercises. Just watch that Tim miller YouTube of him rubic’s curbing around that shit on the fly. Browse the Latest Snapshot. This approach is dealt with in more detail than space here allows for example in the book “Intervallic Improvisation – The Modern Sound: His favorite tuning from low to high e-String would be: Timpap, You’ve got a LOT of information between the books you list in your original post.

It’s great to have the challenge of having to play for someone who is listening and can help guide you. Other than that, Tim Miller’s site is awesome and definitely worth subscribing too. The difficult or daunting thing for me is the task of organizing, assimilating and digesting this stuff- beyond playing the examplesreally internalizing this material and being able to navigate this stuff on my own A good tree is one that produces good fruit, and the musical examples presented by Julio Herrlein in this book prove that.

It might be noteworthy that he seems to be playing lines mostly with the first three fingers of his left hand, with the middle finger serving as an anchor from which he frequently stretches methhod the saddle.

One of the best things about this book is that it really inspires you to come up with your own ideas. Currently Kurt plays a stock black Epiphone Emperor Yearequipped with a standard 0.

John Coltrane should also be cited as a strong influence on Kurt. Practicing To Kurt practicing creatively is the key to everything. I emthod this doesn’t answer your question directly, but if you have access to a teacher that could help especially if you’ve gained some ground in the books you mentioned. From his guitar Kurt runs his signal through a RAT distortion pedal such as the one used by Scofieldgoing into a Line 6 Delay, followed by a Lexicon MPX effect processor of its many programs Kurt almost exclusively uses a “hall” or “large plate” reverb and finally amplified by a Polytone bassamp with a 15′ speaker from the 80’s.

However he likes the Slonimsky patterns as a “different way to look at the guitar” and would quickly quote a few. If you can get through all three you’ll have some serious skills at your disposal. Should i continue with vo. Over a roosenwinkel chord Kurt seems to frequently employ triads kethod the first, fourth and fifth degree of the relative major rosenwinkeel minor key. On one of the pages of chords in book 3, I still have a note my teacher wrote in to mock me: Here are some of the highlights that may be of particular interest to guitar players: Playing the guitar means practicing your mental state of mind.


That an experienced player such as Kurt still keeps an open unprejudiced mind in my opinion very much speaks for him. Valuable information, deeply detailed mmethod illustrated in order to bring both the student and the experienced musician the opportunity to experience harmony and all its combinatorial relations in a logical and effective way.

Kurt never practices technique as an isolated issue. The book presents brand new “combinatorial voice-leading”, for 21st century chorale writing and contrapuntal exploring for any instrument or arrangement.

The Kurt Rosenwinkel Forum ยป Topic: Guitar method book suggestions for newbie!

That happened last year. Just like the first time you touched a msthod all you have is yours ears to rely on – and that’s exactly what Kurt’s intention was. Spending four to eight hours on the guitar was not a rare thing until not long ago. Also if you can find someone else who wants to work though it there are lots of duets to play. This book is a must for the contemporary musician. The tasteful exercises in this book demonstrate the genius of this virtuoso guitarist, who has now mfthod shared with us his knowledge.

Kurt says and when you listen closely you can hear it that many of his ideas wander from piano to guitar and vice versa. Effects and amps Although rooted in the jazzguitar tradition Kurt distinguishes himself from other guitarists of his generation by an openness to technology and new sounds. Floatingbridge on “Guitar method book suggestions for newbie!

Technique Watching Kurt play up close quickly shows that he has thoroughly dealt with all aspects of the instrument.