MAN VISIBLE AND. INVISIBLE. EXAMPLES OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEN AS. SEEN BY MEANS OF TRAINED CLAIRVOYANCE. BY. C. W. LEADBEATER. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. By C. W. Leadbeater. Chapters include: How These Things Are Known; The Planes of Nature; Clairvoyant Sight; Man’s Vehicles;. Man, Visible and Invisible has 50 ratings and 3 reviews. This esoteric classic examines the invisible bodies of humans, showing how the colors of the aur.

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It is obvious that this shell may be broken in various ways. The Latin Church held, quite reasonably, that there could be no manifestation on the fifth plane of a Force which admittedly came from the seventh, without a passage through the intermediate sixth, so they declared that He proceeded from the Father and the Son.

The power from above, which we saw radiating out through his causal body, acts also through the mental vehicle, though with somewhat less fore. Unmistakable evidence of His action and His purpose surrounds us on every side as we study the life of the higher planes. Laron rated it really liked it Apr 11, Samantha Eenink rated it really liked it Jun 08, This etheric matter is the link between the astral and the physical, but it has also a very important function as the vehicle of the vital force on the physical plane.

PROBABLY to those who cannot yet see any of the higher bodies of man, the illustrations given in this book will be to some extent suggestive and even illuminative, and it is in the hope that that may be so that it has been published. THE first point which must be clearly comprehended is the wonderful complexity of the world around us – the fact that it includes enormously more than comes within the range of ordinary vision.

THE soul puts himself down first into the matter of the lower levels of the mental plane. It will be observed that at different stages of its descent it is called by special names.

Even these, however, are found to be units only from the point of view of our physical plane; that is to say, there are methods by which even they can be subdivided, but when they are so broken up they give us matter belonging to a different realm of nature.

The Greek Church, on the other hand, insisted absolutely on the distinctness of the Three Manifestations, and quite rightly protested against any theory of a procession from the First Manifestation through nivisible Second such as would be typified in our diagram if we drew a diagonal line through the First, Second, and Third. Gabrielle Phillibert rated it it was amazing Nov 06, Perhaps the knowledge of this may lead us to form a somewhat higher opinion of our fellow-man, leadheater we realize that he is always so much invissible than he seems to the physical eye.

The Astral Body of the Savage. The lunar animal kingdom, out of which we were individualized, was at a somewhat lower level than the animal kingdom of the present day; but the principle adopted seems to have been almost precisely the same.

Man, Visible and Invisible by Charles W. Leadbeater

The difference between its condition when issuing forth and when returning is exactly like that between a great mass of shining nebulous matter and the solar system which is eventually formed out of it. But nad question is based on a complete misconception of the facts.


A chapter upon the desire-elemental will be found in The Other Side of Death. This is on the whole a very fine mental body, already well developed, and having within it every promise of rapid progress along the Path, when the time for that shall come.

Man, Visible and Invisible

He became a high-ranking officer of the society, but resigned in amid a scandal. The mind-body and astral body connected with this have very little characteristic color of their own, but are reproductions of the causal body in so far as their lover, octaves can express it.

They are not those of one already far advanced upon the path which leads to adeptship, leaddbeater in that case we should find a consider able difference in size as well visibl in arrangement.

But to do this a definite effort would be necessary. In the vegetable kingdom, for example, we have not a soul for one leeadbeater, but one group-soul for an enormous number of plants – perhaps in some cases for a whole species.

His efforts on behalf of the society assured his status as one of its leading members until his death in Certain coils or vortices of vivid color are to be seen, well-defined and solid-looking, and glowing with an intense light from within.

This is thy present wheel said the flame to the spark. Among our Theosophical literature we have many books which treat of the other side of all this evolution, and catalog the moral qualifications required at its various stages. A kind of film of rose-color covers the surface of the whole astral body, so that all within is seen through it, as through tinted glass. In the human eye we have both solid and liquid matter; suppose that both these orders of matter were capable of receiving separate impressions, but each only from that type of matter in the outside world to which it corresponded.

Affection is scarcely indicated at all, and such intellect and religious feeling as appear are of the lowest possible kind. Kristin rated it it was amazing Jan 12, It will be noticed that the band is of full width not only through the whole of the physical plane, but in the lowest sub-plane of the astral as well, showing that the animal is capable to the fullest possible extent of experiencing the lower desires, although the rapid narrowing of the band as we reach the higher sub-planes proclaims that his capacity for the higher desires is much more limited.

We must not omit to notice one of the grandest characteristics of the developed man – his capacity to serve as a channel for higher force. The process has a definite duration, which can be measured by sufficiently fine instruments; the rate of its motion is perfectly well defined and known to physiologists.

It will be seen that this is symbolized in the diagram by a line descending from the lowest circle straight through all the planes, growing broader and darker as it comes, to show how the Divine Spirit becomes more and more veiled in matter as it descends, until many are quite unable to recognize it as divine at all. Plate XX Scientific Type. Thus none can come within the range of his influence visivle being the better for it he shines upon all around him like the sun, for, like it, he has become a manifestation of the Logos.

Man Visible And Invisible

There is less of sensuality, though that is stall unfortunately one of the most prominent characteristics; but at least it is less utterly brutal and overpowering than it was. If through us the divine light shines out more brightly, it is only in order that we may share that light with him; if we have gained a higher step upon the ladder, it is only that we may stretch out a helping hand to him.

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In the lower planes which are within the reach of our investigation the sevenfold subdivision is very clearly marked; and all indications seem to warrant the assumption that in those higher realms which are as yet beyond our direct observation a similar arrangement obtains, allowing for ijvisible difference of conditions.

He would indeed be ans of the ocean, but for him the shore and the cliffs would not exist; he would perceive the clouds very clearly, but would see almost nothing of the landscape over which they were moving. The Developed Man XX. This is a subject of the very deepest interest, though somewhat outside of the scope of this little work. In our literature these different realms of nature are frequently spoken of as planes, because in our study it is sometimes convenient to image them as one above another, according to the different degrees of density of the matter of which they are composed.

Again, by carrying inbisible our process of subdivision far enough we reach another unit – the unit of that realm of nature to which occultists have given the name of the astral world.

But when it has reached the lowest point of its immersion in matter, and turns to begin the grand upward sweep of evolution towards divinity, its work then is somewhat different.

Theosophy : Man Visible and Invisible by C.W. Leadbeater

In the astral body of the average man there is always a certain amount of scarlet, which shows the capacity for anger, the possibility of being irritated; and each outburst of rage adds something to this, and predisposes the matter of the entire vehicle to respond somewhat more readily than before to these very undesirable vibrations.

It may be remembered that in the nimbus of the Christ a cross is usually drawn; and this also is strictly within the probabilities, from the point of view of occult investigation, for it has often been observed that in the auras of very highly developed persons various geometrical figures present themselves, signifying certain elevated and far-reaching thoughts. He has at least passed through a phase when for a longer or shorter period self was dethroned, and another entity occupied the first place in his world; and thus he learns, for the first time, one of the most valuable lessons in the whole course of his evolution.

As we pass to the vehicles of the more evolved human beings we shall find a considerable improvement in this respect.

Quite separate, when regarded as persons, each on his own plane – quite unconnected diagonally, as it were; yet each having his perpendicular connection with himself at the level where these three are one. Short of really gaining the sight of the other planes, there is no method by which so clear incisible conception of astral life can be obtained as by the realization of the fourth dimension.

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