From Self to Self [Leo Hartong] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A compilation of expressions, questions and answers that came about in. Question: Are you saying that knowing all pain suffering is universal, frees one from it? Doesn’t pain suffering continue to exist whether it be seen as that of the. I was very sad to learn that Leo Hartong passed away less than two weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on the 15th of September. He was a.

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The Diary of a Young Girl. Essentially, this is a book about you. The 5 Second Rule. A publishing company owned a huge printing press, which was essential to its hartnog. It also features prominently in so-called self-improvement projects and can lead to bizarre thought patterns such as:.

Finally, ask yourself what your next thought will be and see if you can know it in advance. You already are free.

It is life itself.

I soon noticed that this little game would put me in a special state. Practicing the Power of Now. Awakening to the Dream, Leo Hartong.

I did not choose my desire for tea, nor did I choose the stronger desire that I should finish the paragraph first, but that is what is spontaneously happening.

Any way the invitation is extended, it functions as the guru. The Mastery of Love: When I hhartong eight years old my parents divorced, and my two younger brothers and I stayed with my mother. Linty rated it it was amazing Oct 06, Neither option seemed appealing. This very clarity turns out to be its own reward.


Awakening to the Dream: The Gift of Lucid Living by Leo Hartong

For centuries, philosophers and theologians have pondered questions such as Who are we? The Taoists call this Wu Wei, which loosely translates as non-doing. My lady, however, pointed out that it hartongg used there to illustrate what is being said in that chapter, rather than as an introduction to the me I once believed myself to be.

I wanted to draw or paint or have an adventur- ous life of travel and exploration. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Behind the veil of ignorance ignore-anceyou are the Awakened One, aware of—as well as appearing in and as—this marvelous show of manifestation. Lists with This Book. This is not to say that I am an apparatus without free will. Awakening to the Dream is hartogn book about you and your true identity.

It is not something exclusive for intellectual or spiritual elite, nor is it remote or hiding in the future. So here we go: When the person you thought you were continues as a dreamed character—as one of the many guises of the universal actor—there is no longer any effort dedicated to keeping up appearances, no need to carry resentment, no point in worrying about an imaginary future.

Living in a Mindful Universe. What in eastern traditions hartonng called the guru is that which extends the invitation. The ego is neither the doer nor the non-doer; it simply does not have an existence independent of the Self, any more than a character in a novel exists independently of the author who portrays him.


There is, however, a problem lso these questions that prevents a direct answer, and that is that they originate from the limited perspective the seeker wants to transcend. This is true for you, the cat, the book, and everything else. Mahesh rated it really liked it Oct 21, Open Preview See a Problem? The acceptance of this reveals what you truly are. As is so often the case, she was right.

Awakening to the Dream: The Gift of Lucid Living

When Breath Becomes Air. It points to and from the source of your true identity. Yes, but the hand that held the pen was an implement too, and the brain that controlled the hand. Realizing this is far from the bleak reality the mind imagines it to be. Ratings and Reviews 0 1 star ratings 0 reviews. Psychic healers and clairvoyants hartonh part of the hartonb my parents hung out with. Furthermore, there arises a fear that if nothing we do is truly our own action, then people have an excuse for undesirable behavior.

As I am sitting at my computer writing these words, I become aware of the sensation of thirst.