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I will admit – like a lot of people, I received my impression of what Arminian Theology was from those who consider it to be a flawed belief if not a false gospel. He admits that some who call themselves Arminians have strayed away from Arminius’ teachings, however, it cannot be denied that even Calvinist have done the same with John Calvin.

Also, Teolpgia also takes needless umbrage afminiana the impeccable scholarship of Richard A. I am thankful; finally an opinion that makes sense without conflicting with Scripture, what a blessing. Arminian Theology is not a Calvinism vs Arminianism book although it draws the differences and provides explanation for why Jacobus Arminius, a student of Theodore Beza, found issue with Calvinism.

Having shown my desire to not commit fratricide, I must now desist with the three-hanky and commence with some critical analysis. One of his main desires was to show that Arminianism is a legitimate evangelical option at one level, this is true.

Another key doctrine is prevenient grace. What Olson does really well in this book is presenting a clear and careful treatment of classical Arminian theology, beginning with Arminius himself, and working through the ages by referring to other classical Arminians such as Wesley, Miley, Wiley, Summers and Oden. One quote from the book that I l A fairly objective view of some of the myths about Arminian theology and the actual reality.

This book, however, was a breath of fresh air in many respects. Roger Olson debunks 10 myths about Arminianism which are often put forward by Calvinists or even Arminians who do not know any better.


I do highly recommend this book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Olson holds that God is sovereign over all arminiaba sin.

Before I became a Molinist, I thought the same thing. Olson does a good job in defending Arminianism from the host of myths and misinformation that Calvinists have laid to its charge over the centuries.

My only gripe is that he constantly refers to an issue of Modern Reformation magazine dating back to From this introduction, Olson then thoroughly debunks ten of the most common misunderstands around Arminian theology: I gave the book two stars because it was, as the rating system indicates, “okay. Olson’s primary argument in this book is a distinction between Semi-Pelagianism and Arminianism.

Olsen allows for a person, like me, to say they don’t know, but shows that while there is common ground between Calvinism and Arminianism, they are different enough you can’t be both.

Roger E. Olson – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Reading another book, “Four Views On Eternal Security”, confirmed my suspicion that no, all Arminians don’t fit into the same box. He is also coauthor of 20th-Century Theology.

Recommended to Pat by: The book also shows why there is such a gap between the two today as Calvinism morphed into hyper Calvinism, and Arminianism morphed into semi-Pelagianism, both of which This book should be read by every serious student of the word of God.

He acknowledges that there are distinct differences that cannot be reconciled between the two traditions but he also points out that Arminians and Calvinists also hold many things in common, such as the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and that from these similarities, both sides can work toward the common good and the Kingdom of God.

Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities

Muller and that cannot be excused. Olson’s book is certainly useful. If Bob chose B, then it would not be the case that logically prior to creating the world that God knew “If Bob were in circumstance S, he would freely choose A instead of B”. Olson is a unique example of why clarity and understanding matters in a theological debate. But this is purely a personal issue – others would realidads likely be appreciative of its comprehensive approach to the subject.


In other words, we must make sure that we can describe another’s theological position as he would describe it before we criticize or condemn. A good resource for the serious Arminian theologian who wants the tradition of Arminius 3. Indeed, if I had a penny every time some smart aleck purported to resolve the great Calvinist – Arminian debate by declaring “I’m a Calminian!

Jun 23, John Kight rated it it was amazing. I did feel he was a bit condescending at times towards Calvinists, but perhaps reaalidades is justified by what he takes to be hundreds of years of misrepresentations and hurtful comments directed towards his theological niche.

I’ve seen two patterns in other writings – there are either two categories that everybody fits into Calvinism or Arminianism or there I will admit – like a lot of people, I received my impression of what Arminian Theology was from those who consider it to be a flawed belief if not a false gospel.

Arminian Theology is an excellent reference for both Calvinists and Arminians to clarify what is Arminianism, how it realirades from Calvinism and Pelagianism, and why it found the implications of Calvinism ,itos.

Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities by Roger E. Olson

It is a conditional predestination. Most Classical Arminians fall into this mistake. WHY Arminians believe what they believe is a different subject. He’s also extraordinarily dismissive of Catholic theology, much of which has fed me in combination with llvro Protestant heritage.