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Its counterpart pull-up resistor Rj is also changed to some known ratio of R 2. Functionally, the eight-bit device is the equivalent of an octal latch and an octal NPN Dar- lington array.

Diode leakage current measured at Vr. Input Voltage Range, V, N 5. F-M circuit stability is inversely related to gain or sensitivity and is affected by source and load impedances, decoupling, and printed wiring board layout. Receiver Section — F-M The datssheet intermediate frequency input transformer, comprised of T5 and T5, provides both selectivity and coupling. In order to maintain isola- tion between drivers, the substrate should be con- nected to the most negative dxtasheet applied, Input connections are on one side of the dual in-line package, output connections on the other side to simplify printed wiring board layout.

Calibration of test standards and equipment is per- formed at periodic intervals in order to maintain test accuracy. The cost and space savings in such a machine are considerable, and a very complex prin- ted wiring board was greatly simplified. The maximum power dissipation is a combination of Vce – lOUT.

LMN Datasheet National Semiconductor pdf data sheet FREE from

Normally, a small number of in- tegrated circuits exhibit signs of early failure or infant mortality. A fully-balanced, four stage differential I-F amplifier gives maximum gain with freedom from interference and noise.

New functions are becoming available along with increased power handling capability, high voltages, etc. The intent from the inception of this program has been to produce and provide a standard, datasheet and easy to use interface for gas discharge displays. Lower package manufacturing costs. As an example, if the tuner design requires 2.


Plasma displays are well-suited to custom panels particularly those with various sizes of characters and with improvements in IC break- down voltages some further simplification of inter- face should evolve. Although the discrete output buffer could be vatasheet to increase the output capability of any of the devices in this series, this is most often done by paral- leling outputs as was described earlier. A simple, and less expensive solution is the use of mono- lithic integrated circuits.

Since many of these characteris- tics are changing, the table lists the device characteristics either now available or for the near future. The mute and delayed AGC datadheet provide d-c voltages for control of signal-level-related functions.

Units j l-F Input Capacitance C, 1 – 6. The device is used with a thermal printer.

Datasheet magicolor en 4 Documents. An example of cascaded data control is given in Figure 7. The substrate must always be tied to the most negative point and must be at least 4.

Datasheet «LM1391»

Adding active pull-down datasheeet pull-up will tend to increase chip size and costthus adding to the potential overall difficulty of BiMOS with its greater process complexity and slightly longer manufac- turing cycle. Output Impedance Z, — n Det. All inputs have pull-down resistors for direct connection to open-drain PMOS logic. Supply Voltage, V C c 4.

Note that the oscillator input can be to either pin 7 or pin 8the R-F input to either pin 9 or pin 10, to suit the circuit lk1391n layout. V cc must never be more positive than V s. Output Voltage Vreg 9 No Signal – 6. They cannot be operated with a bidirectional unrectified a-c source. Minimum Data Pulse Width ns ns C.


LMN Datasheet, LMN PDF, Pinouts, Circuit – National ->Texas Instruments

It is also possible to utilize the intrinsic current limiting of many MOS outputs as shown in Figure 4 ; a typical P-channel character- istic. This is accomplished by reducing the current applied to the I-F amplifier by the current source Q A copy of the quality control inspection plan used for specific integrated circuits is available on request. Units Operating Voltage Range v cc 6 10 If the AGC inhibit voltage pin 14 is greater than approximately 1 volt, the AGC output voltage pin 13 will change from typically 7.

Either device can be used for bipolar switch- ing applications in which both ends of the load are floating. The input may be raised a maximum of 20 volts above ground and will function with input levels obtained from CMOS and open collector TTL 4. Brown-outs or weak bat- teries need no longer be a major concern. Until re- cently, very little concern was expressed for monolithic integrated circuit power dissipation. The substrate must be tied to the most negative point in the external circuit to maintain isolation between drivers and to provide for normal circuit operation.

The remarkably-low external com- ponent count, only two capacitors including the output coupling reflects concern for simplicity in implementation, yet the device achieves excellent per- formance.

The devices are specified with a minimum output breakdown of 50 volts, and V CE SUS minimum of 35 volts measured at mA, or a minimum output breakdown of 80 volts, V CE SUS minimum of 50 volts, and an output current specification of 1.