Lynxmotion SSC Servo Controller and other robot products. At RobotShop, you will find everything about robotics. Lynxmotion SSC32U Servo Controller Board. Electronics Guide. Lynxmotion SSCU USB Servo Controller Board. Revisions. V August Feedback. Users Manual SSC Ver SSC Ver Manual written for firmware version SSCXE. Range is mS to mS. Lynxmotion, Inc. PO Box

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Note the channel number which corresponds to the channel number of the Lynxmotion SSC board. However, now I would like it to do cool st This input will accept any voltage between 6 and 9 VDC and requires only about half an amp of current.

Lynxmotion SSC-32

Lynxmotion Ylnxmotion Guys and Girls I am happy with Roborealm, its great and i have happily processed my blue ball from Everyone leaves that party happy! As the servo rate can be changed the servo may not immediately adjust its position to the final destination but slowly move towards it.

You would need a power supply that can provide 6.

Your board will come with jumpers on, but you may not want to keep them all in place. This is used to automatically change the servo values based on your VBScript using the SetVariable function or Plugin based program.


Ssc3-2 Baud Rate is determined by the jumpers in the center of the board in the area labeled “10”. In the project, I will have a camera to overlook four differen Analog will set a number between 0 and depending on the voltage across the pins. I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages a little later on, lynxmotuon for now, let’s assume you want to run the whole thing SSC board AND all the servos from one single power supply. All your servos AND the board itself.

Example Click here to load a configuration to move a servo in response to movement in front of the camera. It is hard to find a 4. First, make sure your power supply has an output with enough current amps to run everything.

It’s all in how you lynxmotiom the jumpers and what kind of power supply you use.

If it does not, change it so that it does, and click OK. You should see a box that looks like this:. Click on the tab at the top of the Properties box that says, “Port Settings”.

Now Click on the “Port Settings” tab across the top of this box. Only eight channels are visible at any time.

Lynxmotion SSC Servo Controller

Inputs – select which type of input you wish to receive. Changing the variable value, however, will change that servo’s position. With the configuration above, you would need the supply hooked up to the VL inputs only. Let’s check your computer’s Com Port first. If you find a good sssc-32 it may cost less than two conventional voltage power supplies. In addition the board provides synchronized movement so that all servos will update at the same time.


Now, you should make sure that both VSA and your computer in general have the com port that you are using set to the same Baud Rate. Notice the green COG lynxmoyion tracking your hand.

For instance, if you are using the controller board through a wireless connection you may need to slow down the connection speed due to the wireless hardware limitations.

You will get a dialog box.

Scroll Bars – Lynxmotuon specifying the COM port and speed you should be able to move your servos by dragging the sliders to the right or left or by specifying a number within the current value text box in the Servo Config area.

During this movement the servo variable within RoboRealm will be updated to reflect the current position of the servo. Rate – specify the speed at which your servos should move at.

The answer is NO!