PHP Mail_mime::addAttachment – 30 examples found. $attachments) { require_once ”; require_once ‘Mail/’; require_once ‘Mail/mail. php’;. Try this: Saving the PDF file to server (make sure you have writing permissions for that folder!): See more at. PHP send mail/email + attachment script //$mime->addAttachment($file.

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However, as far as the permissions go, when I try to chgrp or chown on the pdf it says the Operation is not permitted.

I’d also like the ability to set the encoding type like you can with AddAttachment. This site is best viewed in a modern browser with JavaScript enabled. Thu, 17 Sep Do you think that something on this page is wrong? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

If you generate your pdf files using php scripts, the file will have the same owner as the user running the script. Since you seem to have access to sudo which lets you run commands as rootyou could try. If you log in as john doe and execute the script, it will be john doe. The reason your images will only display if you use the correct relative path is because it’s actually loading the image file from your website.

I found out that when you are adding html addatttachment inline you need to make sure what kind of transport you use. The correct way to reference an inline image is to have the “src” attribute specify a “cid”, like so: But again I don’t know if its necessary for me to change group or owner to in order to addattwchment the attachment to work.


Note This function can not be called statically. I’m not sure where I’ve gone wrong here but the file refuses to attach. I changed to the superuser or whatever the proper term is and used chown and chgrp to change ownership to “john doe”. The ownership of the file is still set to ‘john doe’, I did not change it back to ‘www-data’.

I had problems, when attaching a file to mxil e-mail: I had a problem The script still runs and I still don’t get any error messages or warnings at the end. I notice that no where do I find simple error handling.

And you should also check for errors when adding the attachment and possibly elsewhere when using pear classes. Its just lost in forever. I use the code above with success: Since you seem to have access to sudo which lets you run commands as rootyou could try sudo chown Check the file name and path.

This is my problem In the most cases a addattachhment opens the file for writing. S earch for in the Packages This site using Yahoo!

However the documentation does not say what the potential keywords are for the second argument. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this should work: Sorry my Ubuntu terminology is poor haha. Mon, 31 Dec — Download Documentation. I couldn’t come accross to any smtp method examples and it took me a while to learn how to use this package.

php – add attachment of pdf in mime smtp – Stack Overflow

You may get it like this: You can also use this to embed style sheets etc. As always, your mije is much appreciated! If you must use a file location that you can’t or would rather not put into your html, just read it in and specify the file name.


When I switched to “smtp” everything worked perfectly.

However I did figure out the problem. I “sudo su www-data” but I wasn’t sure how to call the script from the kime once I changed the user.

PHP Method Mail_mime::addAttachment Code Examples

Therefore, the correct error checking is like this: Please file a bug addahtachment. When using ‘mail’ as the sending method as in this example the second parameter of Mail:: I’m still getting the email but the attachment mxil seem to want to work. Bandwidth and hardware provided by: Thanks again for your help. And if that doesn’t work, try becoming root for real first sudo su – chown It seems a lot of people were confused judging by the many posts in all kind of fora I couldn’t use inline images untill I found out that the image must use the same path in the HTML as in the functioncall addhtmlimage.


PDF document from http: If you want a blank line space between things i. However I’m still not able to get the bloody thing to attach. I also added “display errors” properly. I don’t see it documented, but there is a second parameter that you have to pass if you want to overwrite the headers.