PDF | This article examines Malek Bennabi’s concept of civilisation and its equation. It undertakes a conceptual approach to Bennabi’s analysis. Bin Nabi, Malik. (d. ). Algerian thinker and writer. Wrote over twenty books on Islamic, cultural, societal, and developmental issues. Produced all his books. Malek (Malik) Bennabi played a considerable role in the development of Islamic political, cultural, and religious thought and discourse during the 20th century.

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However, once his uncle died, the conditions became harder. Democracy, Equality, and Freedom at a Loss.

His influence on Algerian Islamic society can only be examined in the broader context of other similar thinkers and writers.

Malik Bennabi

He said in this context: Muslims tended to dig nennabi past treasures instead of seeking to progress with new ones. The various stages of development in such a society are indeed different forms of its intellectual developments.

Born in in Tibissa, a town in the southeast of Algeria, in the first day of November. This article has multiple issues. He also became fascinated with the gymnastic games of Awled ben Isa, a sufi group who became famous for their strange acts.

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What prompted Bennabi to found the al-Qiyam discussion group? Psychology was only becoming a more popular field of study and Bennabi contextualized this approach to history in an effort to provide a foundation for developing a new Muslim civilization or perhaps a return to the pre-colonial stage. This period, when Malik Bennabi was in the primary school, coincided with the beginning of the World war one.


It was disbanded by the government in According to Malek Bennabi, the lack of new ideas in Islamic thought emerged what he coined civilizational bankruptcy.

MALEK (mALIK) Bennabi: Thinker, Philosopher, Revivalist – Home

And whenever my uncle Mohamed tried to punish me, my grandfather intervened. This included aesthetic, ethical, pragmatic, and technical values. However, despite that success Malik Bennabi was not too happy because, according to him, his elementary school record was affected by racial discrimination. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because ma,ik has insufficient inline citations.

He particularly enjoyed the performance of magicians who played skilfully with snakes. Peter Baofu – – Peter Lang. He was the sole boy of a modest Algerian family under the colonial rule. Dissertation, University of Michigan Malek Malik Bennabi played a considerable role in the development of Islamic political, cultural, and religious thought and discourse during the 20th century, especially in North Africa.

He concluded that the decadence of today’s Muslims was caused by improper developments in their culture malok should therefore be improved in four major areas: This chapter examines the shortcomings of the policy of benanbi the natives and the development of the natives’ attitude toward French education. Malik Bennabi witnessed the consequences of the French invasion of Algeria.


All information retrieved from: This was truly not a failure of Islam, but because Muslims and those in governance abandoned the true understanding of what Islamic values connoted. The Scientifization of Culture: These studies proved to be formative and influential in the shaping of his political, religious, and sociological thought. I heard from her a lot of religious fables which were mainly focused on the right and wrong and the consequences of both, i.

Modern society had left this man hollow due to a stultifying lack of aspiration. Sign in Create an account. History of Western Philosophy. He proved to be one of the greatest Islamic political thinkers of recent history, sharing similarities with Abduh, Shariati, and many others. The past few centuries, we have witnessed a transition in discourse concerning political, social, economic, and religious thought in Islamic society. Cornelis Willem Rietdijk – – Van Gorcum.