Samarth Ramdas was a noted 17th century saint and spiritual poet of Maharashtra. He is most remembered for his Advaita Vedanta. MANACHE SHLOK MEANING PDF – Manache Shlok – 1 to ganadheesh jo eesh sarva gunaancha। mularambh aarambh to nirgunaancha॥. Manache Shlok – 1 to ganadheesh jo eesh sarva gunaancha। mularambh aarambh to nirgunaancha॥ namu sharada mool chatvar vacha। gamu panth.

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If we do not have the courage to act then we should not talk.

Manache shlok by Swami Ramdas III

He protects his devotees in their distress. We should not magnify our ego. If we take refuge at the feet of sshlok preceptor then we can get satisfaction. Let us hold the hero of Sita at the level of our conscience.

Let us wear out like sandalwood. He is peaceful due to remembering Lord Rama.


Manache Shlok Archives – Hinduism for Kids

Therefore let us show the exit route to intoxication, jealousy and selfishness. Hslok who dies in Kashi attains to salvation alongwith his ancestors. This will help us attain salvation and win over the death. Shloka 16 People keep their minds full of sorrows and worries. Let us understand the truth. Our existence is beyond our body and free from all shackles. Therefore we should remember Shri Ram.

Lord Rama is the controller of all.

Our mind may go against the Shastras if our mind becomes agumentative after reading a lot. We are confused between happiness and sensual pleasures. Let us stop getting confused.

He who sees God becomes blissful. Let us get detached from the world and let us be happy by maintaining equanimity of mind.

He should not be after money. The mind becomes restless when it dwells on the sensual pleasures. Later he is concerned about wife and children. Lord Rama is all-pervading spirit. Therefore we cannot compare him with the sky. Shloka 13 Shlo, beings of this world take birth and lose life.


He is worried about the world. He should not abuse others.

Shani Mahatmya – II. He father did not remember Lord Rama as he was a demon. Let us always understand our meaaning self. Let us find out with the full devotion of mind. We will understand that other living creatures are no different from us. He can grant salvation to all the three worlds. He is neither visible nor invisible. In whatever situation we are in, we should deal in the best interest of everyone concerned.